Each Other: Why Women Must Empower Women


The Paperback Book:

  • Imagine a world a world where belonging on any part of the gender spectrum does not limit or enhance your life chances.
  • There is not a single country in the world where women have full gender parity with men. Let that sink in. The title of the first country to achieve equality has still to be won.
  • This book explores one of the key reasons why women are still held back and what we can do to empower each other. Men have been the privileged sex for far too long. Let’s make gender equality our reality.
  • In this book the author shares fresh new research from the world's leading countries on gender equality. It provides easily digestible tips as part of an everyday activist's toolkit at the end of each chapter.  
  • This paperback book is authored by Shaherazad Umbreen, Shoe.E.O of Shoes by Shaherazad
  • It is also available via paperback or kindle on Amazon from 1st March 2019 and as paperback from Waterstones online.

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