Skills Education in Peru

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We’ve making a stand

This project empowers women and girls to escape 14 hour days, avoid abuse, attend school, and earn fair pay. The mission is to train, tutor, and give legal advice to domestic workers in Lima.  Solidarity by Shaherazad has provided funds for 150 women and girls who are domestic workers to be provided with a full day of learning activities so that they are empowered to make choices about their own futures.  Our donation is made via GlobalGiving UK to La Casa de Panchita who are working on the ground in Peru.  

Why we’re standing tall

Some half a million females work as servants and nannies in Peru. Most come to Lima from rural poverty or shanty towns. The vast majority do not enjoy basic rights such as schooling, a rest day or minimum wage. Girls as young as 9 years old serve others in order to earn a meal and care for other children, instead of going to school themselves. Women and girls often suffer abuse and entrapment. The project enables these women and girls to stand up for their rights, gain better jobs and give them a chance to reclaim their childhood.

We work so well together

With education, training and counselling, girls and women in domestic work will be able to improve their own situations, encourage other girls to look beyond domestic work and improve conditions and opportunities for all domestic workers.  We are helping to break a heritage of poverty and servitude passed down from mother to daughter because of a lack of opportunity and education. As they gain skills, confidence and understanding of their rights, the girls and women we support will pursue more education and secure better jobs. They in turn will educate other domestic workers and parents of young girls about the alternatives and will fight to ensure the rights of all domestic workers are respected.

For more information on the project visit GlobalGiving

Shoes by Shaherazad Charity Peru