Secret Style Parties

Leading Ladies, 

We offer a secret style party service as a luxurious and refined way of celebrating your upcoming holiday, wedding, graduation, birthday, new job or lady like get-together.

This is a premium service for ladies who love luxury.  A Shoes by Shaherazad team member will visit your chosen venue (hotel, spa, home, office or even your garden!) and walk you through our innovative luxury heels concept.  Every guest then gets dedicated time to experiment with the different shoes, shoellery (shoe jewellery) and clutch purses.


Bridesmaids and Bride


Every lady at the party will receive:

  • A luxury pair of "Take my Lead" shoes
  • A luxury set of shoellery (of your choice from a pre-agreed selection)
  • A "See You Later" clutch purse
  • A personal Shoes by Shaherazad heel consultation service

Silver and Gold Clutch Purse

You and your guests will enjoy a unique and memorable celebration experience and luxury accessories which you can cherish for a lifetime.  What better way of discovering heels with your friends and having a great party night at the same time.

This service is primarily offered in the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Singapore, Portugal, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE but can be opened up worldwide by appointment.  

Blush Shoes and Blush Dress with White Rose

Please get in touch with stating your location, date of event and number of guests for a personalised quote.  We can bespoke the service just for you so please do share your style party vision with us.


Shoe Empowerment Officer