Female Entrepreneur Project in Kenya

Shoes by Shaherazad Charity

We’ve flamingled

This project rescues destitute girls and offers counselling and training in life skills, vocational skills and business.  This equips girls to improve standards of living for themselves, their families & communities.  Shoes by Shaherazad  has provided funds for 12 graduates to be set up in small business.  Our donation is made via GlobalGiving UK to Seed of Hope who are working on the ground in Kenya.  Buying shoes helps do these good deeds. 

Why we’re standing tall

Up to 80% of teenage Kenyan girls don't have the opportunity to attend secondary school exposing them to high-risk situations including child marriage, prostitution, abuse and extreme poverty. This project nurtures students to reach their potential through training and counselling. Graduates are supported to set up their own small business as a step towards independence. Girls who graduate are more likely to earn above minimum wage as a result.

We flamin-go so well together

The training and counselling program is supported by a feeding program and income generating activities, which teach the girls how to be self-sufficient.  This project has the potential to enable many girls to gain financial independence, employ others, pay for sibling education and improve living conditions for their families. These are all realities which can be seen amongst current graduates.

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Shoes by Shaherazad helping girls in Kenya

Shoes by Shaherazad Charity Kenya

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