Primary Education Project in Pakistan

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We’re making a stand

We have supported secondary education for girls in various Pakistani villages. So far, funds have been provided for 300 girls to be educated for one year.  Our donation is made via GlobalGiving UK to Girls Education International who are working on the ground in Pakistan.  

We’re standing tall

Transportation is a big concern in poverty stricken areas. In the villages of Maira, Thirchak, and Chakki Rangpur, the nearest secondary school is about 20 kilometers from the village. Due to high transportation costs it is difficult for girls to continue with their education. This project provides transportation, cost of registration and required exams, and offers self-growth workshops.

We work well together

This project reduces the financial burden on families wishing to send their daughters to school and provides them with a safe means of travel.  Uneducated girls have almost no chance to escape the cycle of poverty. Our aim is to educate girls allowing them to rise out of poverty, improving their health and economic wellbeing.  Hear from one of the girls themselves on how even a little education makes them feel.


Shoes by Shaherazad for PakistanFor more information on the project visit GlobalGiving