Help to set up a Mobile Clinic for Rohingya Refugees

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What we've done to support Rohingya Refugees. 

We've financially supported a project that will set up a mobile clinic to provide primary healthcare support to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and also to help them in getting advance services when needed through developing a network of hospitals. It should be noted that Rohingya refugees are taking shelter in different places. They are not allowed to travel in the mainland freely. Therefore, a mobile clinic will provide much needed primary healthcare support.  

Why we're standing tall

To set up permanent healthcare facilities in each of the camps to provide healthcare services would be very costly, because the refugees are living in so many different camps spread out over two districts.  A mobile clinic will play a crucial role and requires relatively low investment.  The projects we support are focussed on education for women and girls, but we thought there was such an urgent need for healthcare by the Rohingya that we just had to help.

We work well together

This mobile clinic can provide proper basic healthcare support cost effectively for years as and when necessary. It will impact positively on the everyday lives of the refugees by reducing death rate in the camp.  Due to the low quality of the shelter in the camp, poor sanitation and lack of food, the refugees will suffer from different types of diseases and require urgent support.  



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