"How to" for 18 Hour Heels

We’re confident that Shoes by Shaherazad will be the most comfortable pair of luxury high heels you will most likely ever wear.  This is due to the engineering which has gone into them, ensuring that you can balance all day with the poise and elegance of a flamingo.  So, here’s some guidance to help you get the most out of your sparkly heels.


I normally wear high heels all day at work.  Will these be more comfortable?

Yes, we believe they will.  In fact, during development our heels were tested out by 50 women who wore them day in, day out. For work, for going out, and to party.  We had huge satisfaction from everyone who took part.


I don’t wear heels at all because I’m worried about the pain that can be caused.  Are these heels guaranteed to be pain free all day for someone like me?

These are very comfortable heels.  More comfortable than any others we believe you will ever wear.  But if you’ve never worn heels then it’s not sensible to wear them for 18 hours straight.  It would be like trying to run a marathon without any training.  These heels are amazing, but they’re not magic.  Be sensible and wear them for a few hours to start with.


Why are they called #18hourheels?

There’s two reasons.  Firstly, it’s because they’re designed for the #boardroomtobar woman so they can be worn smart in the day and sparkling at night through the shoellery concept.  No need to change shoes!  Secondly, it’s because they’re so comfortable; so when you need to get through a long day you have some heels which will help you through.  Remember, in the boardroom there is a significant amount of sitting which takes place too which is needed to help the feet to rest!


Shoes by Shaherazad 18 hour comfortable heels


comfortable 18 hour heels

Are you saying all women should wear heels?

Not at all.  Wearing heels is a personal choice and we strongly believe that women should have the freedom to choose what they wear and how they wear it. For women who choose to wear luxury heels, we believe they should be as pain free as possible.


I normally walk the dog in trainers.  Does this mean I can now take my dog for a walk in heels?

If you wouldn’t normally wear heels for a physical activity then it doesn’t make sense to wear your #18hourheels.  The heels are designed for office work, weddings, parties and going out.  Of course you can wear them to walk the dog if you wish, but remember, these luxury heels are amazing, but they’re not magic.


I have terrible backache and my doctor has told me to stick to flats.  Will these heels enable me to get some height back?

If you have a medical condition that means you shouldn’t wear heels then you really shouldn’t wear heels. Any heels. Ever.


What’s the best way for me to see how comfortable these heels really are?

Compare them with the heels you normally wear.  We know you'll be pleased. Please note that these heels are designed as "standard" fit meaning we don't currently cater for wide or narrow feet.  Due to popular demand we are currently exploring whether the flamingo fit can be applied to varying width sizes.


Why 18 Hours?

In our product development phase we discovered that this was the longest amount of time that many individuals within the group could wear the heels for.  Sometimes a #boardroomtobar woman needs 18 hours of optimum comfort to take her from work to play.  Ultimately, we hope that our customers get enough “me time” to rest as well as work and play.  Regular 18 hour days are not a good idea.  However, stunning luxury shoes which are also comfortable are a good idea.

So, does that mean these are 18 hour heels as long as I’m sensible and wear them with appropriate care for myself and the shoes?

Yes, that’s right! You’ve got it. We hope you enjoy the luxury comfortable heels as much as we do.