Heels With Purpose

- When women flamingle, incredible things happen. -

Solidarity by shaherazad

Shoes by Shaherazad was created for a purpose. To provide women and girls living in poverty with opportunities for educational and financial independence. When empowered women empower other women, the world becomes a happier place. Why girls and women? Inequality across the globe means that we have a long way to go in securing a stronger future for us all. Gender shouldn’t determine whether you get an education; sadly in many parts of the world it does.

Flamingos are a species who demonstrate equality well, and one day, with our continued support, humankind will flamingle too. Every pair of heels purchased directly does good deeds through the Solidarity by Shaherazad programme. When we provide funds for an empowerment project, it is having an impact within 60 days of the donation being made.

We have already empowered many women in Kenya, Peru, Pakistan and Palestine. With your continued brand support we will go on to empower many more women across the world.

Every project we invest in is carefully selected to ensure that we provide women and girls with meaningful and sustainable futures. Our donations are independently tracked so that the positive impact of all purchases is blushingly transparent. These are heels which have the power to do good and make many women and girls happy.

Helping women around the world

Empowering Projects

Shoes by Shaherazad Charity
Shoes by Shaherazad Charity
Shoes by Shaherazad Charity
Shoes by Shaherazad Charity
Pakistan Charity Project

Emergency Support Projects

Famine Relief in Sudan
Shoes by Shaherazad Charity
Safe water access in Rphingya
Mobile Clinic for Refugees in Rohingya