Entrepreneur Project in Palestine

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We’re making a stand

Solidarity by Shaherazad has provided funds for one to one coaching sessions for 30 female entrepreneurs from marginalised communities in Palestine. These women have been provided with the business and personal skills required to launch and sustain a commercial enterprise.  This will empower them and their families to break the cycle of poverty, further advancing the role of women in their communities.  Our donation is made via GlobalGiving UK to Tomorrows Youth Organisation who are working on the ground in Palestine to empower women.  

Why we’re standing tall

Women in Palestine have made progress gaining more equal access to education, but not yet gained more access to work outside the home. Many possess education, motivation, and basic skills; however, they need the concrete support and tools to make their participation in the workforce possible.

We work well together

This project is increasing women's participation in the workforce and promoting economic empowerment by offering tailor-made training and mentoring to increase participants' business and practical skills, as well as self-confidence. The project approach adapts participant's traditional skills (such as setting olive oil, pickling, and soap making) to design sustainable business plans that incorporate international expertise and market research.

Shoes by Shaherazad Charity Palestine

For more information on the project visit GlobalGiving