Educate the Most Underserved Children of Pakistan

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What we've done to support children in Pakistan

We've Flamingled

Founded in 2003, Khoj School has successfully turned ten villages from less than 25% of rate of literacy to 100% literacy in the district of Sheikhupura in Pakistan. The villages are  without the most basic services. The girls in these villages are the first generation going to school. A number of girls have earned post graduate degrees. The school has an innovative approach that focuses on action led logical thinking and creativity to promote tolerance, peace and gender equality. We're supporting this project to help young girls to have a brighter future with more opportunities. 

Why We're Standing Tall

Khoj School focuses on dialogue based, action led, relevant and integrative education. The children are engaged in constructive activities like community events, organic school gardening for safe food and environment, hand making of items like clocks and clay pots. This education is already yielding positive results.  Treating yourself to Shoes by Shaherazad means that more girls can go to school.

We Flamin-go So Well Together

The long term impact of the school will be a hub of peace and tolerance. The next generation of girls will have positive thinking, equal opportunities and an enabling environment.  But we still need to go a long way to bring about wide spread change.


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