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I take protection of my branding, books, shoe designs, shoellery designs and unique language very seriously.  My brand and books are created for the purpose of empowering marginalised peoples across the world and any attempt to negatively impact this purpose will be swiftly managed through legal action. 

Solidarity by Shaherazad and Shoes by Shaherazad registered trademarks are protected under UK law and international copyright.  All product designs are individually protected and legal action will be taken against any attempt of infringement, be this in the UK, in Europe and / or the rest of the world.

The UK Intellectual Property Office carries certificates of our registered trademarks ® as follows (but not limited to):

Registered Trademark and Designs

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Shoes by Shaherazad


18 Hour Heels


Flamingo Hug


Product Designs

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International copyright © and trade marks TM  covering Europe, the USA, the UAE, Australia, Asia (specifically including India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam) and Africa exist as of November 2015 and will be enforced.

Standing Together Globally

In order to maximise our impact in selected global markets we are grateful to be working with the following organisations who are providing Shaherazad with support and guidance in international compliance:


Good Deeds Funds

Our philanthropic donations are completely transparent and are made every financial quarter to Global Giving UK.

We use our corporate partner, Global Giving UK, to make all donations in order to ensure that funds are managed quickly and effectively using grass roots support organisations in the countries within which we provide support.  Global Giving have strong partnerships with local organisations and an impressive infrastructure to validate and support these organisations.