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Each Other Book by Shaherazad UmbreenEach Other: Why Women Must Empower Women


Imagine a world where girls and boys have equal and fair opportunities. Where women have full equality with men. A world where belonging on any part of the gender spectrum does not limit or enhance your life chances. There is not a single country in the world where women have full gender parity with men. Let that sink in. The title of the first country to achieve equality has still to be won. This book explores one of the key reasons why women are still held back and what we can do to empower each other. Women of the world: it’s time for us to stand together. Men have been the privileged sex for far too long. Let’s make gender equality our reality. In this book the author shares fresh new research from the world's leading countries on gender equality. It provides easily digestible tips as part of an everyday activist's toolkit at the end of each chapter. Whatever your current thoughts are on feminism, this book is guaranteed to make you think even harder about the topic.




One Another Book by Shaherazad Umbreen



One Another: Active Inclusion in the Workplace


Are you aware of racism taking place around you but aren't quite sure how to start addressing it? Or perhaps you hold a firm belief that racism just doesn't exist in your organisation? This book is a simple, easy to use toolkit which gives you some practical advice on where to start with actively improving your own knowledge and experience about direct and societal racism. Talking about race is generally not easy; this book will help you to find ways in which to have discussions more confidently. It also provides practical examples on how to start creating a more inclusive workplace, no matter what position you currently occupy in your organisation.  The book is a simple toolkit for people who want to personally learn and grow.






Secrets of the Suffragettes Book by Shaherazad Umbreen


Secrets of the Suffragettes: An Exploration of Exclusion in the British Suffragette Movement


The Suffragettes have long been revered in British history, for their contribution to the women’s rights movement, and the sacrifices that they made in order to secure the right for women to vote in public elections. Despite their undeniable and positive influence on the political landscape, the history of the Suffragettes is one that is centred around the actions and voices of white, mainly middle-class women; reflecting a suffrage movement that excluded many of their contemporaries. In this book, the pro-colonial, conservative opinions of Emmeline Pankhurst, the founder of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) have been examined, alongside the contrasting views of her daughter, Sylvia Pankhurst. The focus is then shifted onto the only woman of colour who is noted as playing a significant role within the women’s suffrage movement: Princess Sophia Duleep Singh. This book is for anyone who believes that true equality is always intersectional.