Shaherazad Umbreen

The Founder

Shaherazad Umbreen

-My brand is all about empowered women of today empowering women of the future. Let us stand together with the grace and elegance of flamingos. -

Flamingos are able to stand for hours on end, often balanced on one leg, with grace and elegance. I discovered that this is to do with balance and body weight distribution. Flamingos are unique in how they stand and I was inspired to capture their secret, to create heels for empowered women taking them painlessly from day through to evening.  It became my mission to create the world's most comfortable heels which are also stylish heels.

Much like flamingos, humans like to be together and demonstrate solidarity. As women, it is important that we stand together in empowering each other, and so, every purchase of “Shoes by Shaherazad” heels directly supports the wellbeing of a woman or girl living in poverty through the “Solidarity by Shaherazad” programme.

Made in England, my heels are hand crafted, followed by a machine kiss and layer of unique brand innovation.

Flamingo hugs,

Shoes by Shaherazad

Shaherazad Umbreen

For all of us

- When you believe in yourself, take a stand -

Shoes by Shaherazad will always be honest in the way that we represent women. That’s why all of our brand materials use “real” women, and by this we mean women who do not have their body shapes, textures or appearances altered in any way. Much as a flamingo can admire a peacock without questioning its own beauty, our brand celebrates and promotes the diversity of women.

Our philanthropic work benefits women across all continents, of all faiths and of non-faith, and of all races. It enables empowered women to empower more women.

Let’s take a stand for each other.

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