The Eighteen Hour Heel


Our promise

- Stand tall; there is happiness in your #18hourheels -

Flamingos have an equal opportunities policy when it comes to life. Unlike other species of birds, both males and females will flush pink and equally take part in leadership roles, courtship dances, socialising and general survival. Shoes by Shaherazad heels enable women to stand tall with grace and elegance. Inspired by flamingos, the application of our unique brand innovation enables effective body weight distribution which results in 18 hours of painless wear. Feminine, graceful and powerful. Versatility in style is also important to empowered women, and is achieved through our exquisite shoellery concept.


One Shoe -
Many Occasions

- Blush like a flamingo -

Transforming your shoes is as easy as adding one of our exquisite pieces of shoellery.  Our patent leather heels are available in English Black and English Blush.  Our shoellery transforms your look from daytime to evening, taking you in style from board room to bar, or for stepping up the glamour when dinner date turns to dance floor.  In the same shoes, you can blush a variety of different hues.

Our shoes have empowering names such as: Don’t Wait Up, The Moon is Mine, Dream then Do, Take my Lead, Rock the Board Room, Equally Ever After and Time to Bloom.

Shoes by Shaherazad women mean business by day and enjoy sparkling by night.

Handcrafted with Heart

- What makes us different, makes us beautiful -

In today’s modern world of manufacturing, it’s all too easy to automate skilled work. For us, English quality and heritage is key in creating your #18hourheels. Our skilled team hand craft every shoe which is then machine kissed and carefully flamingled. It is this process which ensures the brand quality and beauty of our shoes.

These shoes are made to bring happiness to the women who wear them; and it is these women who will then go on and bring happiness to other women of the world.