18 Hour Heels Reviews

To find out why so many women love our comfortable, stylish, luxury heels, read some independent reviews below:


Daily Mail Review

Featured and Reviewed in The Daily Mail, "I’ll be putting 18 Hour Heels on for days in the office or smart occasions. I think they’re genius." - Alice Smellie, Journalist.  Alice loved both the comfort of the heels and their style.

18 Hour Heels Review Footwear News

Featured and Reviewed in Footwear News"These 18 Hour Heels are built for pain free standing" says Charlie Carballo, Journalist.  Charlie gives us glowing editorial coverage for our comfortable heels.

18 Hour Heels Reviewed on BBC

Featured on BBC News, "Shaherazad Umbreen studied how a flamingo stands on one leg and used the maths behind that to find the perfect weight distribution for her shoes."- Laura May McMullan, Journalist on our comfortable luxury pumps.

Top 30 British Made Shoe Brand

Voted Top 30 British Shoe Brand by Make it British. Make it British have compiled the ultimate list of British-made shoe brands and Shoes by Shaherazad proudly features in this independent list as luxury, high quality, innovative and comfortable British heels.  

Middle East Monitor

Featured and Reviewed in The Middle East Monitor"The business has already been shortlisted for five awards including Emerging SME at the National Women in Business Awards UK." - Amelia Smith, Journalist.  Endorsed for being sustainable heels which do good - lots of good.

18 Hour Heels Reviewed in the Telegraph

Featured and Reviewed in The Telegraph, "I made it to 16 hours ... it was an impressive slog." - Cristina Criddle, Journalist.  Cristina was amazed by the comfort of the heels.




18 Hour Heels Reviews

Featured on Forbes"Umbreen has set out to provide women with the means to combine something of the style of the ubiquitous stiletto with a design that remains comfortable through the day and into the evening. In parallel Umbreen is also diverting some of the money she makes from the sale of each shoe to empower women living in impoverished regions around the world." - Trevor Clawson, Journalist

Tea with Rachel Shoe Review

Featured and Reviewed on Tea with Rachel "These shoes made me feel confident and fabulous, ready to take on anything that is thrown at me (uneven pavements, busy commute, crazy work days, you name it…!) Being genuinely comfortable and beautifully crafted in the UK, whilst still undeniably stylish, makes them my top choice. Global Giving UK’s CEO, Eleanor Harrison, recently wore her shoes like mine (the appropriately named style, “Dream then Do”) to receive her OBE – what could be more fabulous or more inspiring than that." - Rachael Kinsella, Fashion Enthusiast