How Shoes by Shaherazad is Empowering Girls in Pakistan

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

How Shoes by Shaherazad is Empowering Girls in Pakistan

It is the audacious aim of my company to be empowering women in every country where there is poverty within my lifetime (although I wish with all my heart that poverty did not exist anywhere). 

700 Women Helped So Far

Good Deed Heels headed to Pakistan with the help of GlobalGiving UK as soon as the company was formed, alongside Kenya, Palestine and Peru.

Women Empowering Women

Doing good deeds brings strength and solidarity and is the sole purpose of my company.

The first Pakistani project I started work with was in 2016 and was recommended to me by GlobalGiving UK; it's called Girls Education International.

This project reduces the financial burden on families wishing to send their daughters to school and provides them with a safe means of travel.  Uneducated girls have almost no chance to escape the cycle of poverty. Our aim is to educate girls allowing them to rise out of poverty, improving their health and economic wellbeing.  

Transportation is a big concern in poverty stricken areas. In the villages of Maira, Thirchak, and Chakki Rangpur, the nearest secondary school is about 20 kilometers from the village. Due to high transportation costs it is difficult for girls to continue with their education. This project provides transportation, cost of registration and required exams, and offers much needed self-growth workshops.

Pakistani Girls


The second project is a new addition this year after I e-met the leader of the Khoj School for Community Education, Nasira Habib, who educates some of the most underserved children of Pakistan.  I asked Nasira how Shoes by Shaherazad could help and she suggested donating the funds for bicycles to allow girls to get to school.  So that's exactly what we did! 

Girls come from eight villages to the school whose mobility is restricted and there are many girls who wish to study but cannot do so because there is nobody to pick and drop them from their homes to schools and back.  The journey is too arduous to be walked daily.  The enchanting photo below was sent to me by Nasira who shot some images of the girls learning how to ride the new bikes.  It makes me so happy to see such smiles!

Bikes donated by Shoes by Shaherazad

The more that girls in these two projects are empowered, the more chance they have of living independent and fulfilling lives. 

My huge thanks go to both of these projects for allowing Shoes by Shaherazad to work with them, to GlobalGiving UK for providing the necessary donation infrastructure and to my amazing customers, whose purchases of luxury heels mean so much more than that "new shoes feeling"; it means a lifetime of empowerment for poverty stricken girls who need it most.


Pakistani Girls

The work being done by my company in Pakistan is also currently underway in Kenya, Palestine and Peru.  I aim to extend this work in to India, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Tanzania amongst other countries over the coming years.

I firmly believe that we do not need miracles to change the world; we only need each other.

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You can help by treating yourself to a pair of good deed heels.  New shoes for you means an education for little girls around the world.

Much Love,


Shoe Empowerment Officer

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