What Humans Can Learn From Flamingos | How to Be More Flamingo!

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

What Humans Can Learn From Flamingos | How to Be More Flamingo!

Flamingos have always been a part of culture, fashion and style. Dating back to the seventies, American homeowners fell in love with the bird to the point where they used to love putting plastic flamingos in their garden to add both colour and variety. They weren’t the only ones that loved the exotic bird either. Fashion designers have long looked to the flamingos as inspiration, using their form and features as a part of a stylish design. You might see small flamingo emblems on shoes or even as logos on T-shirts and prints on dresses.   In the UK, flamingos can now be seen everywhere, from designs on dinner plates to illustrations on birthday cards.

 Flamingos flying

Here at Shoes by Shaherazad, we think there’s a lot to learn about flamingos; from their behaviour to how they present themselves and even why humans are so fascinated by them.

By putting the flamingo bird under the microscope (although not literally), you’ll discover why you should want to be more flamingo

Shaherazad Umbreen wearing a flamingo print dress

Delicate And Elegant

Arguably, one of the most important features and reasons why humans are so fascinated by this type of bird is the long legs. This is perhaps due to the fact that we find long legs attractive in humans too. It’s one of the reasons why we love high heels and why we are drawn to fashion that makes our legs seem longer.

The plastic flamingos that used to be a prime decoration in American gardens were largely based on this classic feature of the flamingo. The long stalk-like legs make the creature look both elegant and indeed delicate (although it is dubious whether plastic can ever be deemed elegant). These general traits fit firmly into the idea of fashion, and you only need to look at a few fashion catwalk shows to see it come to life in human society.

Like flamingos, models on the stage walk with long, slim, delicate legs in a way that is often (but not always) seen as elegant and stunning at the same time.

 Discover a new kind of flamingo heel

If you are not blessed with naturally long legs, you can still be more flamingo with the right set of heels. The perfect shoe will change the perception of your legs and make them seem a lot longer than they are.  However, you must remember that flamingos always walk with poise, grace and elegance, and therefore heels which allow you to walk in comfort are a must.  Shoes by Shaherazad is the only footwear brand in the market which is based on the flamingo philosophy of effective body weight distribution.

Walk The Walk

 It’s also interesting to lake a more detailed look at how flamingos walk. They don’t rush across the water but rather step with grace by moving slowly and carefully. We could learn a lot from a flamingo by perfecting the way we walk ourselves, adding a certain level of grace to our stance and demeanour.   And of course, the perfect pair of shoes helps.

 Woman doing flamingo pose

It’s not just about how the flamingo walks, but how the bird holds its body. It doesn’t bob back and forth like a pigeon nor does it wobble on its beautiful, long legs. Instead, it walks perfectly without a footstep out of place.

By following in a flamingos footsteps, you could live a life filled with poise, elegance and beauty, simply by mastering your posture and how you walk.

To get the flamingo look, you should walk with determination without rushing and practice controlling every aspect of your body, making sure that every movement is in time and with purpose.

Balance And Beauty

In the zoo, safari or on an online video you might have seen a flamingo complete a classic movement. When they are tired flamingos tuck one leg under their torso and instead stand perched on the other. They can do this because they have perfect balance and never need to worry about falling over. This is another way they can live with such pure grace, and it highlights why you should work to perfect your own balance and effective body weight distribution.

Woman jumping in heels

Of course, the issue with this is that perfecting your balance requires you to wear the heels that make your movements look elegant, and your legs look great. The problem is a lot of high heels will start making your feet hurt after just a few minutes. Due to this, you might want to look into our eighteen hour heels. They’ll allow you to stay in heels all day without your feet aching. Just like a flamingo, you can stand tall and never grow tired of looking fabulous. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even get your march on!

Learn The Importance Of Diet

You might think that flamingos find being beautiful easy but actually they don’t. Their classic, iconic pink colour is due to the food that they eat. That’s why some flamingos in zoos are not the beautiful pink you’d often expect. Instead, they stay white and just like flamingos, you too need the right diet to look your best.

Flamingos eat crustaceans and plankton to keep their beautiful pink colour. To look your best, you need to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. This is going to help keep your skin clean and clear. As well as this, you need to avoid eating processed meats. As well as causing you to put on more weight, it can also play havoc with the oils in your skin and cause you to break out. It might even impact your hair, and that brings us to our next point.

Please remember though, it’s not their colour which makes them beautiful.  It’s how they rock the colour they have with the right attitude.

 Flamingos drinking water

Stay Well Groomed

Flamingos spend between fifteen and twenty-five percent of their day grooming themselves. We suspect some members of the selfie generation do more than that, but it’s certainly clear that flamingoes do take a lot of pride in their appearance. You could too. However flamingoes also use natural substances to make their feathers look beautiful. You can too by using natural substances like bamboo oil in your hair. Bamboo oil is a great way to make your hair look full and thick without damaging the cuticles.

Be careful how much you wash your hair as well. Ideally, you don’t want to wash your hair more than once a day to keep the natural oils alive and well.

Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out

With their beautiful, bold pink shades, flamingos certainly stand out in the animal kingdom and even amongst other birds. They are one of the birds that will immediately catch your eye when seen in the wild and their bold colour is certainly one of the reasons why we as humans are drawn to them.

That’s why you should make sure that you are not shying away from wearing bold, bright colours yourself. Clashing in fashion can be a brilliant way to make a statement and find your own unique sense of style, just like a flamingo. You shouldn’t be afraid to be bold and out there with your style choices … if you wish. 

Making the right decisions with fresh shades and colours could be exactly what you need to do to attract attention.  We even do a court shoe in a deep red marsala colour.

Equal Opportunity Species

One of the most fascinating facts about flamingos is that they are generally considered to be an equal opportunity species. Flamingos are one of the only types of birds where the male and female share the role of looking after their eggs. The male and female birds have similar roles and work together in every aspect of their lives. Perhaps this is an important lesson to learn from the flamingo.

Fluffy baby flamingos

As women, we should not unthinkingly accept the roles in society that have been connected to our gender for centuries. Instead, we should advocate for gender equal roles in life, just like a flamingo. 

Maturing Like Fine Wine

You might think that flamingos are born looking beautiful and stunning, but interestingly enough this is not the case. In their early years flamingos are brown or white, fluffy with a straight beak and short legs; more cute than gracious. They grow into their beautiful form in their later years as their beak curves, their legs grow and the colour of their feathers changes. Perhaps the lesson to learn here is that it’s never too late to look your best. With the right style choices, you can age beautifully and always look stunning, perhaps even look better than you ever have before.

That’s certainly true for older flamingos so who’s to say it can’t be true for you too?

Find Fresh Horizons

Flamingos are never scared of looking for new lands to inhabit and will often explore fresh horizons. In fact, flamingos have been known to travel over three hundred miles when migrating to find a new place to set up a nest. It’s another great lesson we can learn from this beautiful and elegant bird. If things aren’t working out quite as you hoped where you are now, then it’s never too late to try and change scenery and move to a new place. Like the flamingo, if you’re willing to explore, you might find there are brilliant possibilities over the horizon far from where you are today.

As you can see, in both how they live and how they appear flamingos are fascinating birds that we can learn a lot from. The poise of the flamingo may be able to help you perfect your own posture while the way they live in their habitat could be an inspiration for new outlooks on complex issues like gender politics. Perhaps it’s time for us all to be more flamingo!

Blush pink shoes, shoe box and flamingo

If you’re interested in learning more about how our heels can help you be more flamingo, then check out the full range here.

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