Welcome to the Shoes by Shaherazad Studio

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Welcome to the Shoes by Shaherazad Studio

It's an exciting day in the Shoes by Shaherazad calendar year as our new heels for SS18 arrive in to our warehouse today.  The shoes have been in production for a number of months as each pair is lovingly handmade and then sealed with a machine kiss to ensure both luxury and longevity.


Today marks the arrival of the new block heels which have a seductive pointed toe and come in two pearlescent colours.  English Black and English Blush which are also the bestselling colours in the 18 Hour Heels collection.

It's also the last day for customer orders to be placed in time for Christmas delivery so we're extra busy with lots of men buying gorgeous heels, shoellery and clutch purses for their special someone, and also busy with lots of women who are treating themselves.  Our "Mistletoe Kisses Guarantee" gives people the confidence that the heels are truly covetable.  

The block heels will be your new boardroom to bar heroines.  These beauties will carry you everywhere with poise, grace and elegance. A block heel gives you that confident, lifted feeling, and how much better does it look when you can actually walk in your heels without tottering?

At a proud 3 inches tall this heel gives your body support and stability, improves posture and is better for you than most ballet flats. Needless to say, they are incredibly comfortable.  This heel brings instant polish to any outfit. Freshen them up with black denim or sharpen with tailored culottes. Add to a simple monochrome ensemble or wear with clashing prints as a statement piece.

In the last few years, society has witnessed something of a shoevolution, with flats (from brogues to ballet pumps, sliders to trainers) becoming fashionable for every day wear.  But there has also been a movement towards more comfortable heels becoming a wardrobe staple. 

Women are saying a firm "no" to tottering, and therefore demanding heels which enable them to walk with poise, grace and elegance.  This is where our shoe collections come in.  Designed to be worn comfortably all day (the 18 hour heel can even be worn round the clock) our new block heels will certainly help you to "get your march on".

Shoes by Shaherazad Studio

The new collection of Shoes by Shaherazad block heels will soon be ready to despatch to you.  My team and I hope you love will them as much as we do. And as much as you already love our 18 Hour Heels.  You can check out the full range of the new collection here: block heels

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