Partnership to Help End Poverty in Pakistan

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

Partnership to Help End Poverty in Pakistan

Partnership Announcement

I'm proud to announce a new partnership with the ARTS Foundation in Pakistan (Advocacy, Research and Training Services) through GlobalGiving UK.

The Challenge

According to UNICEF data each year 15 million children grow up as orphans which means every day around 6000 children become orphans. Studies have shown that 10 -15% of these children commit suicide before they reach age eighteen and the studies also show that 60% of girls become prostitutes. The number of orphan children is rapidly increasing, due to wars and armed conflict, ethnic cleansing, religious and cultural taboos, natural disasters and the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Pakistan.

The Solution

ARTS Foundation through vocational skills projects provides girls with skills, knowledge and link markets to provide females opportunities to earn through decent work and decrease or even eliminate their dependency level. The vocational skills will also enable self-employment for 150 orphan girls of 18-24 years and increase possibilities of income generation, confidence, courage and respect by providing them access to the open market.

Pakistani Girl with Clothes

Image: Kashmala Hassan who is learning tailoring and design skills

Shoes by Shaherazad got in touch with this project through the GlobalGiving UK platform and has agreed a partnership with the ARTS Foundation to support girls living in poverty to gain a decent education.  Every pair of shoes sold leads to the empowerment of a girl living in poverty across a number of projects in Asia and Africa.

A New Beginning

To kick start the partnership Shoes by Shaherazad has made an initial donation of £200 to ARTS.  Shahzado Malik, Executive Director of the charity ARTS said: "The funds will be used to enable new admissions to the school for girls who would otherwise have not been able to attend."


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