No 10 Receives New Feminist Book by Shaherazad

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

No 10 Receives New Feminist Book by Shaherazad

Hi Ladies,

This week I was honoured to have received an invitation to share a copy of my book and research on women's empowerment with the Prime Minister's Office at No 10 Downing Street.

As of 2019 there is still not a single country in the world where women have full equality with men and so it meant a lot to have the opportunity to get my research and calls to action in to the hands of the top team responsible for running the country.

The time for the gender agenda has to be now.  Below is my request for change which I presented to No 10 along with my research.



PETITION FOR CHANGE 14th August 2019

To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson, No 10 Downing Street, London

From: Shaherazad Umbreen, Shoes by Shaherazad

Dear Prime Minister,

I am petitioning you and your team with my feminist book which was published earlier this year as a result of research carried out under a fellowship award for the prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

I won the fellowship in 2018 which meant I received funding to research ways women can empower women within a number of countries across the world for the betterment of British business and British society.  My research findings are described in the book enclosed here which was published in March this year.

Each Other: Book by Shaherazad Umbreen

Each Other: Why Women Must Empower Women is designed to be read by women everywhere in accessible, easily digestible chapters with a clear toolkit of empowering actions included.  The book features insights from feminists such as Helen Pankhurst and Deborah Rodriguez, as well as explorations of inequality quandaries such as the gender pay gap, why girls suffer from hunger more than boys and even the impact of language used by politicians and senior leaders, including  yourself Mr Johnson: you are featured in the chapter, “Burkas, Burkinis and Bikinis”.

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There is not a single country in the world where women have full gender parity with men.  My book and the toolkit within it petitions the government (along with society in general) to take action and to end male privilege once and for all.  For example, increasing paternity leave sounds counterintuitive to the struggle but will actually help to enable gender equality.

My research is designed to give women, business leaders, Members of Parliament and anyone who wishes to read the book, clear calls to action to end the gender equality conundrum.  I am proudly handing my research in to No 10 within a luxurious shoe box as a further gesture of feminism and pro-British business support.

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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to petition No 10 on Pakistan Independence Day.  As you are aware, the sun has yet to set on the issues caused by colonialism and the cultural imperialism which still remains.  As the British daughter of Pakistani immigrants it is a poignant opportunity to share my messages with you on the day that Pakistan won independence from British rule.  It is my wish to continue to complete impactful work for the betterment of British society, and also for the betterment of the world as a whole.  I believe that we all have a responsibility to make the world a peaceful and inclusive place.  Actively taking steps to resolve the issues in Kashmir and Palestine is important given Britain’s colonial actions.

Prime Minister, whatever your thoughts on feminism, this freshly researched and factual narrative is guaranteed to make you and anyone who reads it to think again. 

In Solidarity for a Fair Britain,


Shaherazad Umbreen

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