Mother's Day: How To Celebrate in Style

Mother's Day: How To Celebrate in Style

There are lots of ways to show your mother, grandmother, aunt, or special guardian angel in your life that she's spectacularly special to you.  Here's 7 ways to make the day memorable and leave a loving impression ...

(1) Fresh flowers might last a week if she's lucky, so why not treat her to everlasting flowers instead?  A pair of floral heels like these will brighten up Mothering Sunday and give her something to cherish and enjoy all year round.

(2) Skip with joy.  Go for a a lovely mother-daughter Sunday afternoon walk.  In #18hourheels you can both walk and skip in style without the pain of regular heels.

(3) Go for afternoon tea and catch up on happy memories from years gone by.  A refined and elegant environment is a great place to acknowledge the memories of the past and set "togethery" resolutions for the future.

(4) Before the day is done set a date for another mother-daughter adventure.  A weekend break, a theatre trip or even just a picnic in the park.  It will give you both something to look forward to.

(5) Write a heartfelt message in your Mother's Day card.  Make it more than "To" and "From" and it will give her a warm and fuzzy glow.

Happy Mother's Day,



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