Mindfulness: A New Approach to Footwear

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

Mindfulness: A New Approach to Footwear

"Fashion" in it's original sense, is defined by change, newness and seasonality.  It is cutting edge, it is ever-changing, it is highly coveted.  

But what if the items which we wear could not only appeal to our sense of fashion, but also to our innate sense of mindfulness?  What if fashion could be good for how we look and good for how we feel?  What if ....... we could be mindfully stylish?

The fashion world moves so fast that it can be time consuming just deciding what to wear, let alone taking making the effort to update our wardrobes every season.  It can be easy to end up with lots of items in our wardrobes which we regret buying (or that we even forget that we've bought altogether!) 

At we believe that fashion in footwear can be cutting edge, ever-changing and highly coveted ..... but it can also be mindful.  How? Here's how we make mindfully stylish shoes at Shoes by Shaherazad:

Mindful Step 1:

We only ever use luxury materials in our shoes.  This means that the leathers are always premium calf skin, which will last, and last, and last.  You'll need to replace the heel tips over time (this is normal with much loved heels due to your body weight pushing down on to a very small surface area) but the leather will stay tip top and shiny for many happy years.  We make "keep forever" shoes.  Not to be thrown away with every season.

Blush Leather Ready to be Made in to Shoes

Mindful Step 2:

Our shoes are handcrafted right here in England by specially trained craftspeople.  This means that each pair takes many hours to craft; anything worth loving always does.  And to make sure that the shoes are reliable as well as stylish, we seal them after hand crafting with a gentle machine kiss.

Shaherazad Umbreen handcrafting her heels

Mindful Step 3:

Shoes which can be kept for a lifetime deserve to be stored in a lustworthy box.  We treat ours to the gold foil treatment, luxury ribbons and luscious deep black tissue paper.  Every time you open your box your senses will tingle with stylish anticipation.  Time and time again.

Shoes by Shaherazad Luxury Shoe Box

Mindful Step 4:

Good heels must not only look good, they must feel good.  Shoes by Shaherazad are handcrafted to include a unique technology which provides up to 18 hours of comfort. This means that the heels can be worn gracefully from boardroom to bar.  You can keep your mind on contracts and cocktails - most certainly no need to worry about aching feet. You can happily go through your day with the poise, grace and elegance of a flamingo.

Group of Flamingos

Mindful Step 5:

But what when the urge to have a new look strikes?  Shoes by Shaherazad can be transformed to accompany all kinds of outfits through our unique shoellery (shoe jewellery) concept.  The shoes can be worn plain by day and then - kapow - add shoellery by night when contracts turn to cocktails or dinner date turns to dancefloor.  This means that one shoe can be updated as often as you like, without cluttering up your wardrobe.

Shoellery by Shaherazad

Mindful Step 6:

The final feel good factor which comes from mindful fashion is knowing that it does good for others.  A sustainable shoe which can be worn for years certainly provides the feel good factor.  But Shoes by Shaherazad provides even more of a halo effect.  Every pair purchased provides a woman or girl living in poverty with the opportunity to gain an education.  This means that the shoes actually help to lift women out of poverty.  What better way to feel good about fashion?  Making a conscious effort to help others whilst treating yourself is the ultimate in mindful style.

Girl learning how to sew

On you will only find mindfully stylish shoes.  Stylish, sustainable, long lasting, comfortable and philanthropic.  Good for your wardrobe, good for your feet and good for women and girls all over the world.  Shoes which are cutting edge, ever changing and highly coveted .... yet mindfully satisfying.

Join us and feel mindfully good!

Much Love,


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