Look Stylish Not Scary This Halloween: Heels for Happy Hosting

  • By Olivia Sentosa

Look Stylish Not Scary This Halloween: Heels for Happy Hosting

Imagine the scene.  You have a Halloween Party planned.  It's going to be a stylish affair - the "pumpkin risotto" kind rather than the "tombstone cake" kind.  You're looking forward to spending time with your friends and debuting that lovely new dress you've bought.

But then you remember that your daughter wants to go trick or treating after school.  And you know that your feet will be aching afterwards when it's time for your dinner party.  And yet your new dress is dependent on stylish heels to set it off just nicely.  Scary is not your desired look.  But stylish is. 

The Good Witch

And stylish you will be thanks to the 18 Hour Heels collection from Shoes by Shaherazad.

The shoes are designed to:

* Be worn comfortably for up to 18 hours thanks to our unique technology

* They look great plain or sparkling with our interchangeable shoellery (shoe jewellery)

* Great for your posture through the body weight distribution it encourages

* Compliment magnets - Guaranteed!

* Award winning heels - tried and tested

Best of all, these are heels you will wear time and time again.  Always to look stylish and never to look scary.  Stay Happy this Halloween and beyond in 18 Hour Heels

PS. Remember, there are good witches in the world too!  Buy Now

Much Love,





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