Ladies: It's Time to Decide our Future

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

Ladies: It's Time to Decide our Future

Hello Lovely Ladies,

In the UK it's time to head to the polling stations and place our votes to decide the future of our country.

This piece is *** not *** about coaxing you to vote for any particular party, but about helping you to decide why to vote and how to vote if you're still undecided or wavering in your democratic choices.

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Why Vote

1) If you speak up you will be heard - you may not win - but your voice will be there for everyone to hear.

2) Your vote means as much as any other voter, no matter what their social standing is.  It's time to be proud of your voice and use it.

3) Ask yourself - if you weren't allowed to vote, due to any number of reasons - sex, gender, race, wealth (or lack of it) then how would you feel?  If you believe in equality then it is your social and political duty to vote.

4) When you vote, others are encouraged to do the same.

5) Changes in government have resulted in monumental changes to our country - the type of change effected is down to all of us together; it is down to our individual votes demonstrating collective power.  I urge you to take your social power, show your social power and use your social power.


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How to Vote

1) Identify the things you believe in most.

Is it ending poverty? Is it a disgust of homelessness? Is it a discomfort of excessive wealth? Is it access to healthcare? Is it employment opportunities? Is it quality education for children ..... or even adults?

2) Make a decision based on manifestos and not what someone who knows someone heard someone say on social media. 

Every party has a summary document telling you what they stand for.  

3) Know your red lines.

If there is something you fundamentally are against, and a party stands for those values, either in their manifesto or through their actions, then that party probably isn't one you should vote for.

4) Understand generalities

You don't have to agree with everything in a party's manifesto.  But you should broadly stand with most of it.

5) Be clear on why you are making the vote you are. 

If you're not clear then someone else will decide for you.  Taking the time to find out who can deliver what's important to you is hugely important.  Just think back to the last referendum and the number of people who regretted how they had voted because, "if only they had known" or looked past the sensational headlines.

6) Speak to someone who has different views to your own.

The debate and discussion may pleasantly surprise you or even make you feel clearer about your own views.

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I hope you enjoy placing your vote.  I hope you feel inspired and empowered.  And above all, I hope for a decent and fair election day for all of us.


PS: How Will I Be Voting?  I have already placed my vote through the post.  I decided based on my core values.  I voted for the party that I believe has real integrity, a record of delivering in the past, a passion for a fairer society and a belief in public services for the public.  I have also chosen a party where the leader has demonstrated the pledges in their manifesto through their lifelong work for equality.  I have not always voted for this party, but today I feel very happy with my choice.


Voting Love,


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