How to Wear Heels Comfortably for up to 18 Hours

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

How to Wear Heels Comfortably for up to 18 Hours

In my 1 minute video you can find out how to wear heels for up to 18 hours in total comfort .... yes, that's right: 18 hours!

Your 1 minute to high heel happiness is right here: 

The Science Behind Shoes by Shaherazad

These special heels are designed for up to 18 hours of pain free wear.  Regular heels normally cause excessive pain on the balls of your feet.  But not with Shoes by Shaherazad as these use a unique technology which works by embracing the science of gravity and body weight distribution.

With my heels your body weight is effectively distributed throughout the entire shoe.  The weight is guided down through your spine and legs, and then down the back of the heel, so that a minimal amount of pressure goes across the ball of your foot. 

Joanne Froggatt Posing with Shoes by Shaherazad BagRed Shoes on a Mirror

This is the science which enables you to walk with poise, grace and elegance.  All day comfort in heels is now possible.  

Every pair is lovingly handmade and then sealed with a machine kiss to ensure longevity.  Hand making each pair is critical to ensuring that the measurements, positioning and joins within each shoe are perfectly placed to ensure the body weight distribution needed for comfort.  

Comfortable and Stylish Heels

You'll notice that my award winning heels have only a light covering of cushioning where the ball of the foot meets the shoe.  This is because cushioning only serves to mask discomfort; it doesn't ensure that discomfort is eliminated.  With Shoes by Shaherazad there is no need for adding a cushioned layer as you will feel the comfort for yourself.

Ladies, don't just take my word for it! Hundreds of women around the world have tried them for themselves.  Check out this page to find out why and take a peek at our press reviews where the heels have been quite literally tried and tested for 18 hours.

Comfortable Heels in the PaperDaily Mail 18 Hour Heels Review

And that's not all, when you treat yourself to a pair of my heels not only will your feet feel good, but your heart will too.  Profits from every single pair help a woman or girl living in poverty to gain an education through my partnership with GlobalGivingUK.

Ladies, together I believe that we can change the world.

Wishing You Comfort,


Shoe Empowerment Officer

Shoes by Shaherazad Award Winning Heels


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