How to Figure Out Your Shoe Personality

  • By Olivia Sentosa

How to Figure Out Your Shoe Personality

Quick question: what do your shoes say about you?   

If you failed to find an instant response, it’s about time you went the extra mile to discover your shoe personality. After all, your footwear is the first thing that anybody will notice about your outfit, and those choices should evoke a positive reaction.   

Quite frankly, your shoes should form the foundations of any outfit to reflect your character and leave you feeling confident. Here’s what you can do to figure out your own personal style.

Boardroom, Ballroom Or Bar?   

When selecting a pair of shoes, there are many factors to consider. Above all else, though, they need to befit the occasion. Whether they are for daily use at work or reserved for a special event, that sense of suitability is key.

The modern woman encounters many different situations throughout her day / week / month. Therefore, it always pays to boast versatile footwear. At Shoes by Shaherazad, comfort and style are integral attributes. As well as looking great, you need to feel great. Those sentiments should ring true regardless of whether you’re giving a presentation in the morning or drinking a few glasses of wine at night.

When blessed with shoes that can satisfy your needs regardless of the surroundings, confidence will soar. In turn, that will ensure that you strut through life in style. Consider when and where you’re likely to wear the shoes, and you won’t go far wrong.

Stand Out Or Simplicity?

Comfort shouldn’t be limited to how your feet feel. It should extend to how you feel in general. Footwear needs to boast a stylish appearance regardless of your personality. But it’s vital to recognise that some women feel confident when they stand out from the crowd while others are happy to succeed from the peripheries.

When selecting shoes that are patterned or sparkly, you are choosing footwear that grab the attention in an explicit fashion. Conversely, more subtle designs won’t make an immediate impact, but they’ll still get noticed. Either way, finding the right choice for your personality is crucial if you wish to feel comfortably you.

Once again, the scenarios in which you plan to wear those shoes may have a telling influence. After all, you may desire a product that helps you stand out in business while being happy to enjoy anonymity in recreational matters. Switching between the two is absolutely fine.

Shoes by Shaherazad allow you to switch your shoe personality as often as you like.  Any pair of our heels can be worn plain or sparkly through our unique shoellery (shoe jewellery) concept.  

Shoes by Shaherazad Shoes and Shoellery

Size Matters

Footwear doesn’t only influence your look due to the design. In truth, it’s equally crucial to consider the way in which they alter your stature. With this in mind, thinking about the height of your heels is pivotal.   

There’s no right answer to the choice between flats and heels. Various factors ranging from your height to daily tasks need to be considered as you look to find the best solution. If going for heels, it’s equally crucial to choose the right height for you. Every inch matters, and could massively influence everything from appearance to self-confidence.

You deserve a shoe that makes you look and feel 10 feet tall - emotionally, not literally! Achieve this goal, and you’ll have no problems unlocking the right style and personality for your individual needs.

You go girl!  You can get your own pair of Shoes by Shaherazad here.

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