How To Be Happy From Today | 472 Happy Ideas

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

How To Be Happy From Today | 472 Happy Ideas

How To Be Happy from Today

In this article you will find 472 things you can do to put you on the path to happiness right now.  What are you waiting for? Time to get your happy on!

  1. Mix your two favourite cereals into one bowl … for double smiles.
  2. Be nice to yourself … appreciate something good you’ve done today
  3. Take a walk in the woods or along a new road within a familiar place … it feels good to be lost in the right direction
  4. Fall asleep with your bedroom window open and be gently awoken by the chirrup of happy birdsong
  5. Say “I love you” to someone who is dear to you
  6. Give someone an unexpected hug … better yet, give them a flamingo hug!
  7. Flamingos
  8. Eat a satisfying breakfast
  9. Let your phone battery die and then pass time without checking your digital devices (purposefully) for just a short while
  10. Pray. Meditate. Or just still still for 5 minutes.
  11. Do some deep breathing.  Breathe in for 7 seconds. Breathe out for 11 seconds. And repeat.
  12. Lie in a field of buttercups … and just be.
  13. Skip along a carpet of bluebells.
  14. Phone a friend or family member you’ve lost touch with. No email for the initial contact!
  15. Let your heart be your guide.
  16. Limit television. Or commit to just one weekend without it.
  17. Share your umbrella with a stranger.
  18. Read books … lots of them.
  19. Buy an umbrella and hand it to a homeless person as a little gift.
  20. Run barefoot … in freshly cut grass.
  21. Read your favourite fairytale … no matter how old you are.
  22. Fairytale Crown
  23. Play your favourite song in your head.  And then play it again whilst singing out loud.
  24. Give way to someone …. make eye contact and beam a smile.
  25. Help an elderly person to cross the street.
  26. Help a parent carry a pushchair on an escalator.
  27. Introduce yourself to neighbours, and share baked goods or treats.
  28. Buy an extra cup of coffee in the morning and give it to a colleague.
  29. Smile at people. Often.
  30. Try making your own perfume
  31. Add your own twist to a traditional dish
  32. Mix mindfulness with kindfulness for the optimum blend of happiness
  33. Help someone with their bags or luggage.
  34. Offer to take a picture for tourists.
  35. Talk to someone new and make an unexpected friend.
  36. Help a lost tourist to find their way.
  37. Pick up litter and put it in the bin.
  38. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made.
  39. Mentor someone who needs your help.
  40. Give a generous tip to your waiter.
  41. Plan a surprise holiday for your parents.
  42. Befriend a lonely neighbour.
  43. Write an old fashioned letter to a friend …. and post it.
  44. Compliment a stranger.
  45. Eat and buy local when you can.
  46. Let someone take your parking spot.
  47. Bring sweet treats to the office to share.
  48. Treat yourself to a nice long bath.
  49. Donate blood if you can.
  50. Sit with someone who is eating alone.
  51. Read to young children.
  52. Tell your parents you love them and how much you appreciate they have done for you.
  53. Let someone go in front of you at the checkout.
  54. Donate good quality shoes and clothes.
  55. Recommend your favourite restaurant to someone.  Better still, surprise someone with a visit.
  56. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  57. Wash someone’s car for them.
  58. Cut your elderly neighbour’s grass when you do your own.
  59. Let go of old grudges.
  60. Praise a child to their parents while the child is present.
  61. Hold the lift door open for others.
  62. Send a photo in a frame to a friend of a happy time shared.
  63. Sign up to be an organ donor.
  64. Pay for your friends tab.
  65. Visit a nursing home and make a new friend.
  66. Be kind to someone you dislike.
  67. Woman and Man at Work
  68. Encourage someone who is working hard at the gym.
  69. Make a donation to a charity you care about.
  70. Make homemade food, like a lasagna or heartwarming casserole for a new mum.
  71. Teach a child how to swim or ride a bike.
  72. Bring a homeless person some food and a drink, better still, buy for two, and then eat with them.
  73. Help a friend hunt for a job.
  74. Let your friend vent and listen to her problems.
  75. Praise the work of others.
  76. Eat a cupcake - slowly
  77. Drink water infused with mint leaves, or lemon, for extra zing.
  78. Move and sweat.
  79. Get some extra sleep. In new pyjamas.
  80. Reflect or pray daily.
  81. Browse a magazine and start a scrapbook of your favourite tips and treats.
  82. Polish your desk.
  83. Decorate your bedroom with fresh flowers.
  84. Indulge in your favourite ice cream.
  85. Skip starters because you know you want to have desert.
  86. Try a happy hips yoga sequence.
  87. Wear your best shoes and best dress to work …. just because you can.
  88. Sleep on a silk pillow cover; it’s kinder to your hair.
  89. Have a refreshing night’s sleep after a long glass of cherry juice which has nutrients to help you zzzzzzzzz.
  90. Start each day with your favourite lipstick and a beautiful smile.
  91. Woman sitting on church steps
  92. Use extra lashings of mascara … every day is a special day.
  93. Laugh from the depths of your bely for 60 seconds straight.
  94. Tap dance in the kitchen …. even if you don’t know how.
  95. Write down happy ideas every day; when you find gold - take action.
  96. Watch documentaries about topics you love.
  97. Save your change in a collection of pretty jars and give them to youngsters who are collecting for charitable sponsorships.
  98. Focus on your health the way you focus on your career.
  99. Give up fear; most of the things we worry about never happen.
  100. Start saving 15% of everything you earn and invest it in stocks or savings.
  101. Write yourself a letter to be opened in five years; be sure to include lots of questions.
  102. Go to a new place everyday and discover the magic of new beginnings (even if it’s just a vending machine in a different building to your usual one)
  103. Try to be silent for one minute; note mentally what thoughts, emotions and feelings come up during this.  When that minute is over, write down everything.
  104. Read a new book at least once a month.
  105. You are amazing - note down why.
  106. Tell your siblings you like them a lottle; it’s like a little, except a lot.
  107. Be your own kind of beautiful; wear something you’ve not worn for a long time from your wardrobe (or “go shopping” in your wardrobe to see what old favourites you can find).
  108. Just breathe
  109. Stand out in the dark and look for the stars.
  110. Watch a squirrel who has come out to play.
  111. Throw kindness around like confetti.
  112. Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.
  113. Stay offline for one whole day.
  114. Declutter your digital life.
  115. Have a no-complaint day.
  116. Identify 3 to 6 of the main priorities in your life.
  117. Learn to enjoy solitude.
  118. Stroke a teddy bear; or a kitten.
  119. Downsize your beauty collection. Or add to it. Just be you!
  120. Give up social media … just until lunch.
  121. Take a step towards learning a new skill.
  122. Don’t buy anything for 24 hours - not a bean.
  123. Practice single tasking.
  124. A Posh Studio
  125. Unfollow and unfriend anyone who isn’t adding value to your life.
  126. Go for a walk and practice mindfulness. No music!
  127. Try a day without your favourite tv programme and read instead.
  128. Create a relaxing bed time routine.
  129. Go bare faced once in a while.
  130. Practice gratitude; make it your mission to share happy thoughts with others.
  131. Marvel at the unexpected.
  132. Leave a whole day unplanned.
  133. Clear out your junk drawer.
  134. Let go of a lingering goal which isn’t going anywhere.
  135. Turn off notifications.
  136. Evaluate your last five purchases to better inform your future shopping.
  137. Take a photograph of something beautiful or unexpected.
  138. Fill your social timelines with pure happiness.
  139. Wear a yellow dress and imagine you’re wrapped in sunshine.
  140. Go shopping for treats and when you see something you like, donate the equivalent in cash to charity instead.
  141. Dance with a peacock.
  142. Applying Make Up
  143. Sing with a bluebird.
  144. Park your car a mile away from work and skip the last part of your journey.
  145. Sharpen that eye pencil; you’ll enjoy using it again.
  146. When everyone around you is gossiping about someone, be the one to butt in with something nice.
  147. Don’t interrupt when someone else is speaking.  Listen to truly understand.
  148. Compliment someone to their boss.
  149. Talk to the shy person who’s sitting by themselves at a party.
  150. Leave your magazine behind for someone else to read on the train.
  151. Cut someone some slack.
  152. Give someone a shiny new book you think they would like.
  153. Donate your old spectacles so someone in need can use them.
  154. Play your favourite feel good song on repeat all the way to work.
  155. Sincerely compliment your boss who probably doesn’t get much feedback from her reports.
  156. Bring your partner coffee and buttercups in bed.
  157. Answer that email you’ve been avoiding.
  158. Teach your gran how to use a social network.
  159. Send anonymous flowers to the receptionist at work.
  160. Put together a small herb garden for someone.
  161. Chat to someone at work who you haven’t talked to before.
  162. Frame your friends favourite lyric or quote and send it to them with a nice note.
  163. Text someone just to say “good morning” or “good night”.
  164. Bring a security guard a hot cup of coffee.
  165. Plant a fruit tree; future generations will thank you.
  166. Smile when you feel like scowling.
  167. Run with squirrels
  168. Swim with seahorses
  169. Stand in front of a mirror, throw your head back and rooooooaaaaaar!
  170. Make two lunches and give one away.
  171. Be patient.
  172. Treat someone. Anyone. Just make it today.
  173. Eat cake. Ditch the guilt.
  174. Make plans with that person you’ve been putting off seeing.
  175. Go for double fried eggs just once in a while.
  176. Call your mum / dad / gran / grandad. Do it now.
  177. Write a poem. Or just read a poem. Appreciate the beauty of words.
  178. When you hear that negative, discouraging voice in your head, remember to leave yourself alone.
  179. Wear chocolate flavoured lip balm.
  180. Crumble a cookie all over your cereal.
  181. Be purposefully kind to the environment; take a shorter shower.
  182. Send a pizza anonymously to a family you know could do with a night off from cooking.
  183. Let someone else make the choice.
  184. Pray for someone who would like you to, and then tell them you did.
  185. Start a happy file; somewhere you store positive mementoes and notes to look back on.
  186. Spend time with people you like; better still, who you like a lot.
  187. Indulge your inner goldilocks - eat your own lunch, and a little more on top too every now and again as a treat!
  188. Give yourself a low cost manicure by smoothing your hands in rich cream every two hours for one whole day; the results are stroke-worthy!
  189. Can’t decide which desert to go for? Order both and share.
  190. Try making a 60 second pizza: toast loaded with cheese, onions and tomatoes works a treat.
  191. Take a long drink of coconut water. Then close your eyes and imagine the nutrients radiating through your body.
  192. Go for a run and visualise yourself running faster than you actually are; it will help your mind to burn more calories.
  193. Give yourself a pedicure and jump into some peep toes.
  194. Whether you go matchy matchy or full on contrast with your outfit accessories; just enjoy your personal style.
  195. Leave out some bread for the birds; and make it cupcakes on the weekend.
  196. Pop some jam on your nose whilst relaxing in the garden and wait for a butterfly to come and give your nose a kiss (selfie opportunity!)
  197. Buy that dress / bag / shoes / jewellery you’ve been lusting after; life is short.
  198. Be a rainbow in someone else’s storm; give someone who’s having a hard time a happy helping hand.
  199. Take a small amount of exercise each day; your future self will thank you for it.
  200. Read a travel guide on a country you have no desire of ever visiting … what you read may actually make you feel inspired to go there.
  201. End your work day with 10 minutes of vigorous hula hooping; it will shake out any work stress from your mind and allow you to relax and enjoy your evening.
  202. Create your own art.  Fill a vase with pure white roses and sprinkle some food colouring into the water; a unique floral display will unfold over the coming hours.
  203. Sink your teeth into a fish finger sandwich. Just make sure it has both brown and red sauce.
  204. Can’t draw or can draw? Either way sit an sketch for a full hour. Enjoy the satisfaction and the results it brings.
  205. Eat custard
  206. Ballet Shoes
  207. Compliment at least five people today. From the heart.
  208. Back up any important work on your computer. It’s worth it. It really is.
  209. Take fifteen minutes and think about your personal brand. What messages are you giving the world and would you like to redesign any of them?
  210. Feeling brave? Try someone else’s view of the world for a day: wear a headscarf; don a Chinese dress; pop into a Church; drink camel milk or watch an International news channel.
  211. Go out for a Camembert burger dressed with kiwi. Mmmmmmmmm.
  212. When you earn more, resolve to give more.
  213. Swoosh your hair and have your own private Rapunzel moment.
  214. Flirt with names; if you could pick a new one, what would it be?
  215. Indulge in a one-off TV marathon watching your favourite series episodes back to back.
  216. Feel strongly about an injustice? Speak up; silence supports injustice.
  217. Ditch the fake stuff; it’s not good for you. Try small amounts of sugar not sweetener and butter not margarine.
  218. Try a new dish. “Ch’ish and Chips” is bound to make you feel good. Oh, it’s an affectionate term for battered halloumi and chips.
  219. Paint a little door on a tree trunk. Fairies may just come and visit.
  220. One day you could be a mermaid; for today, enjoy climbing trees.
  221. Shoellery Collection and Shoes
  222. Addicted to coffee or tea? Make a change for just one day and vary the types you take. Latte, cappuccino, flat white or just black.  Green tea, earl grey, english breakfast or a fruit blend.
  223. Polish some jewellery you’ve not worn for a while … and allow it to make a comeback.
  224. Lie on the grass and gaze deep into the sky; marvel at the beauty of life as the clouds float by.
  225. Message your favourite author using social media; they might just message you back.
  226. Recite someone you love a Tennyson poem by moonlight.
  227. Stretch. And wiggle your toes before jumping out of bed.
  228. Ask a distant neighbour if they would like to go for a walk with you.
  229. Bake cakes.
  230. Tidy up or start a new project; starting a new project can really lift your mood.
  231. Think of something you love about yourself
  232. Get some sunlight
  233. Engage your senses; appreciate your environment
  234. Brew some of your favourite coffee, tea or hot chocolate and relax whilst slowly sipping it
  235. Watch a favourite film or comedy clip; laughing is good for the soul
  236. Look through old photos of treasured memories
  237. Call a friend who always manages to lift your spirits
  238. Eat fruits and vegetables
  239. Donate your talents
  240. Play cupid
  241. Say “thank you” a lot
  242. Help someone whose car has broken down
  243. Listen when no-one else wants to
  244. Let it go
  245. Be someone’s guardian angel
  246. Do the task no-one else wants to do
  247. Say “hi” to strangers
  248. Be happy for others
  249. Sign up for a class
  250. Cook a new recipe with leftover ingredients
  251. Reread a book you own
  252. Rearrange your furniture
  253. Organise your wardrobe
  254. Have a film marathon with friends
  255. Swap clothing with siblings
  256. Visit a local park
  257. Sunbathe
  258. Try a new hairstyle
  259. Woman posing on staircase outdoors
  260. Plant some flowers in your garden
  261. Go sightseeing in your nearest city
  262. Paint your nails
  263. Host a dinner party
  264. Visit a museum
  265. Take a nap
  266. Write a song
  267. Practice playing an instrument
  268. Mow the lawn
  269. Dance
  270. Have a picnic
  271. Write a short story
  272. Make your own jewellery with old beads, buttons and chains
  273. Have a sleepover
  274. Browse a farmers market
  275. Dress up
  276. Clean out your garage
  277. Go camping in your own garden
  278. Give a hug; get a hug
  279. Start a vegetable patch
  280. Make jam; lots of it
  281. Read positive news
  282. Start a happy #hashtag
  283. Book a box at the opera and be your own kind of royalty
  284. Take photographs of butterflies
  285. Ditch the diet in favour of healthy eating
  286. Have a go at peacocking; glam up a plain outfit with unusual jewels
  287. Chinese Woman with Shoes
  288. Learn something new; explore a new topic online
  289. Go to a library and breathe in the knowledge
  290. Write down a collection of your dreams to come true
  291. Put down your phone when you're out with people
  292. Keep healthy snacks at home and at work
  293. Make your home a place where you want to be
  294. Listen to your body
  295. Always wear a seatbelt; even in a taxi
  296. Never let internet searches diagnose you
  297. Brush. Polish. Floss.
  298. Look for magic
  299. Ride a unicorn; or a camel; or an elephant
  300. Have tea with a mermaid
  301. Chase fireflies
  302. Run barefoot in the grass
  303. Jump in puddles
  304. Be on the lookout for fairies
  305. Do all things with love
  306. Take yourself on a dinner date
  307. Go to a bookshop and get lost
  308. Challenge your mind
  309. Get experimental in the kitchen
  310. Stargaze
  311. Try a new workout
  312. Plan a trip; so what if it’s in the future.
  313. Go on a safari
  314. Learn how to surf
  315. Go hot air ballooning
  316. Stand up for what you know is right
  317. Woman standing tall
  318. Start a diary or pinboard recording all your happy moments
  319. Make a storyboard or list of happy things you want to do; then go do them!
  320. Forgive yourself; it’s done now
  321. Forgive others; set yourself free
  322. Drizzle honey; bee happy
  323. Treat yourself to a tailor made dress or suit
  324. Go fruit picking
  325. Have starters for desert; just because you can
  326. Say no when it’s not for you; say yes when it is
  327. Dive in to a magazine you wouldn’t normally buy
  328. Run fast; and then run faster
  329. Chase snowflakes
  330. Pick dandelions as well as daisies
  331. Make yourself readily available to those who matter; limit your availability to those who don't
  332. Shine your shoes
  333. Hang a birdhouse outside your window
  334. Throw pebbles in the sea
  335. Collect seashells
  336. Date like a seahorse
  337. Clap like a sealion
  338. Marvel at the night sky
  339. Porto skyline
  340. Book a day off work and have your own private bank holiday
  341. Indulge in a daydream
  342. Pick wild blackberries
  343. Hunt for mulberries
  344. Take high tea with the fairies
  345. Flip pancakes
  346. Be strong; eat spinach
  347. Paddle in a rockpool
  348. In times of self doubt don an invisible crown
  349. Clip whole pieces of bread along your washing line for a flock of birds to enjoy
  350. Light a logfire
  351. Play snap with a toddler
  352. Paint flowers on the outside of your shed
  353. Do the airport run for a friend
  354. Make a crown from fresh flowers
  355. Cook once; eat twice
  356. Seek adventure
  357. Try a cartwheel, handstand or a gamboll
  358. Deep clean your keyboard and your steering wheel
  359. Buy new bras; throw all of your old ones away
  360. Match your underwear; don’t match your underwear: either way be happy
  361. Enjoy cotton. Enjoy silk.
  362. Dress up plain shoes with bold socks
  363. Visit a new country whenever you can
  364. Learn to say “hello” and “thank you” in as many languages as you can
  365. Write legibly when you write for others
  366. Smile at people in waiting rooms; its much harder to pretend they’re not there.
  367. Take the stairs because you can, and because you want to
  368. Feed the ducks as well as the swans
  369. Shake your pillow so your dreams tumble out
  370. Release spiders, ladybirds and other bugs who are visiting your home back outside
  371. Do everything you can with purpose
  372. Find unusual reasons to celebrate events in your family and friends’ lives
  373. Ditch the visible panty line and the chaffing thong; go seam free instead
  374. Snuggle up under your favourite blanket
  375. Snack on seeds and nuts
  376. Learn salsa
  377. Look for ladybirds
  378. Whistle with the birds
  379. Throw away old paperwork you no longer need
  380. Read an old diary; either your own or that of an ancestor
  381. Hunt for treasure at the bottom of the garden
  382. Start a vegetable patch or plant fruit trees; they will grow happiness for years to come
  383. Wear bunny rabbit slippers
  384. If the shoes pinch, bin them
  385. Enjoy yoghurt topped with honey
  386. Spend a day with a bee keeper
  387. Wear cosy and crazy patterned socks when it’s cold
  388. Take a walk with wallabies
  389. Twirl in a full skirted dress
  390. Watch a ballet
  391. Fly to the moon
  392. Choose butter not margarine
  393. Grow wings and soar; even if only in your imagination
  394. Be unashamedly you
  395. Enjoy the story inside your head
  396. Belly dance
  397. Create your own reading nook
  398. Stay in a storybook style cottage
  399. Make a scarf from pom poms
  400. Reheel shoes which need it and enjoy the “click click” of an old faithful pair once again
  401. Jam is for today if that’s what makes you happy
  402. When it rains create your own sunshine
  403. Be confidently weird
  404. Flamingo woman
  405. When you feel it’s time, have courage and redesign your future
  406. Take time for tea; often.
  407. Plant some pansies and let happiness blossom
  408. Follow a snail trail
  409. Smile; you know how to in every language
  410. Champion education
  411. Work out your mind at the library as well as your body at the gym
  412. Free someone from their anxiety
  413. Write to your schoolteachers and tell them how much they inspired you
  414. Build a tree house
  415. Make a lollipop bouquet as a “thank you” gift
  416. Wear ballet shoes and twirl
  417. Try an indian head massage
  418. Unsubscribe from junk emails
  419. Jump for joy with frogs
  420. Enjoy the spectacular sight of a sunrise
  421. Relax with the calming beauty of sunset
  422. Explore your own history
  423. Look for ladybirds
  424. Use pure silk pillow covers to keep hair beautifully smooth
  425. Explore a castle. Better still, explore a castle wearing a crown
  426. Take time to read to someone who can’t read for themselves
  427. Wander around a second hand book shop, searching for old treasures and first editions
  428. Fill your lungs with the scent of fresh flowers
  429. Stretch your legs and wiggle your toes
  430. Only ever wear well fitting shoes
  431. Choose freshly squeezed juice once in a while
  432. Use technology as an enabler and not for technology’s sake
  433. Take supper al fresco on a warm summer’s evening
  434. Treat yourself to some new bedsheets
  435. Play hopscotch with all your heart
  436. Tell someone how much you admire their work
  437. Mix up your bracelets and stack them on pot luck style
  438. Flamingos drinking water
  439. Slip into a ball gown and float along a beach, letting the sand kiss the bottom of the gown
  440. Climb a new hill in a forest and don’t be afraid; the mud will wash out and the air will clear your lungs.
  441. Make a “tah dah” list instead of a “to do” list; every once in a while make a “done” list
  442. Maintain a regular sleep schedule
  443. Start a “happy box” and fill it with reminders of lovely days out and kind words, cards and photos from family and friends; it will serve as a 3D diary in years to come.
  444. Take a compliment
  445. Use a tree surgeon; it’s safer
  446. If you need to, let yourself cry
  447. Decorate your space so you really enjoy being there
  448. Always search for healthy food to eat
  449. Improve your skills in an area you’ve always been meaning to focus on more
  450. Spend time in the kitchen cooking from scratch
  451. Create your own personal affirmations
  452. Cut unnecessary responsibilities and tasks out of your life
  453. Go outside and allow daylight to boost your mood
  454. Find an exercise which you actually enjoy; its ok to ditch one if you move on to another
  455. Consider your long term goals and then take steps towards them
  456. Spend time intently listening to an alternative point of view
  457. Play noughts and crosses with a like minded friend
  458. Bake fresh fairy cakes and enjoy them while they’re still warm
  459. Resolve to finish work on time; then knuckle down and you will
  460. Vote with conviction
  461. Spend time completing at least one significant task per day which you can look back on in the evening and feel proud of
  462. Forgive. for your own happiness even if not their’s
  463. Try with all your might to wake up when your first alarm goes off
  464. Be with happy people; it makes you happier
  465. Remove nail varnish as soon as you need to; no varnish is better than chipped varnish
  466. Savour some honeycomb, letting it melt in your mouth
  467. While away the hours in a traditional “shhhhhhhhhh” library
  468. Choose happy
  469. Always wear #18hourheels; a lady always carries herself with poise, grace and elegance.

Happy Wishes,



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