How Heels are Helping Girls in Peru to be Smarter and Happier

  • By Shaherazad Umbreen

How Heels are Helping Girls in Peru to be Smarter and Happier

Educational and Recreational Sunday Sessions for Girls in Child Domestic Labour

Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes is a private non-profit organisation, founded in Lima, Peru.  In 1998, AGTR opened a centre for domestic workers, La Casa de Panchita, where it provides services to improve the personal skills of girls in child domestic labour, as well as the skills of adult women who work in domestic service.

 Peruvian Girls

How Shoes by Shaherazad is Creating Smiles in Peru

With the help of Shoes by Shaherazad, this initiative is allowing girls trapped in child domestic work to travel to La Casa De Panchita, via a chartered bus to participate in a field trip with multiple goals. We work with these girls in four essential ways:

1) We aim to make them aware of the risks associated with child labour, such as physical burns, and opportunity costs, such as foregoing formal education.

2) We instil a sense of pride and an underlying understanding of the importance of maintaining personal physical health. We hold nutritional and hygiene workshops, while providing a healthy lunch and snacks throughout the day.

3) We educate girls doing child domestic work on how to cultivate emotional well-being and self-compassion. The girls have access to trained psychologists, and are surrounded by a community of committed and caring mentors.

4) We teach conflict resolution and communication skills to enhance intra-familial communication.  

Girls with Balloons

Why Profits from Shoes by Shaherazad are Invested in Peru

Our daily work and weekly projects address the enormous and drastically under-resourced needs of girls doing child domestic labour who live in poverty on the urban periphery of Lima, Peru.  A number of years ago, we were able to ascertain that of the 404 children and adolescents (of both sexes) that participated in our study:

  • 72% had begun working before being the legal working age, sometimes being as young as 7
  • 69% of these children lived in the same community, an area known as Pamplona Alta. 
  • 62% of these children reported that they had repeated the same school year 3 times.
  • 49% reported they were not able to access good quality or healthy food.
  • 49% also reported a general condition of "bad" physical health. 
  • 42% reported not being able to count without the help of an adult.

Compared with the boys in the group, the girls doing child domestic work reported a higher level of anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and fatigue, including, not surprisingly, problems concentrating. By sharing the findings of our study with you, we hope to demonstrate the magnitude of the scope, while demonstrating the significance as well as incidence of unmet needs. 

Due to the fact that these girls often attend some formal schooling, while toiling behind closed doors, the problem of child domestic work is often dismissed, as it is literally unseen, and today it is still one of the greatest problems in Peru.

Peruvian Girls on a Field Trip

Every Pair of Good Deed Heels Helps

When a pair of heels is purchased from Shoes by Shaherazad a portion of the profits go to support good causes which empower women and girls across the globe.  This is just one of our projects supported to help make the world a happier and healthier place.  You can read more about this project here.

* The content for this blog post was kindly supplied by Andrea Gandolfi, Director at AGTR

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