Fantastically Comfortable Heels & Where to Find Them

  • By Olivia Sentosa

Fantastically Comfortable Heels & Where to Find Them

Fantastically Comfortable Heels & Where to Find Them

Buying high heels can seem like somewhat of a nightmare if you choose the wrong styles or brands. There are so many different designers and manufacturers out there today that you’re forgiven for feeling like you can’t find the perfect heels for your feet.  And it’s the worst conundrum when you invest in new shoes only to find that that after one or two wears, you would never dare let them grace your feet again due to the pain. 

This article highlights some of the most popular brands around at the moment, and it focuses on comfortable heels. So, if you need a new pair of heels this year, make sure you don’t overlook the innovative companies listed below.

Shoes by Shaherazad

Shoes by Shaherazad is a UK high heel brand that’s making waves in the footwear industry. Unlike many other producers on the market, this company places less emphasis on profit, and more on creating heels that are comfortable and built to last. The Shoes by Shaherazad website states that all the designs enable women to stand tall with grace and elegance - and thousands of customers agree with that statement.

18 Hour Heels on a Lady

The brand creates eighteen-hour heels that are suitable for all circumstances from the boardroom to the bar, and buyers claim they’re some of the easiest and least painful shoes to wear for extended periods.  Yes, you read that right.  18 hours!

Feminine, graceful and powerful; products from Shoes by Shaherazad are taking the market by storm at the moment, and you might well have heard the brand mentioned on TV or read about it in the newspapers.  The innovative concept is based on the philosophy of how flamingos stand - “it’s all about effective body weight distribution” says the designer, Shaherazad.

Red shoes and shoellery

If you’re looking for comfortable heels that aren’t going to cause blisters or ankle pain, Shoes by Shaherazad is one company you won’t want to overlook. And that’s not all, the shoes are so stylish you will want to collect them all.  Just take a moment to browse the brand’s website if you want to know more.

Charleston Shoe Co

The Charleston Shoe Co has built an excellent reputation for providing some of the most comfortable shoes in the US during the last few years. While they’re not the most stylish options on the market, Charleston shoes are renowned for their pain-free designs, and many customers return to make purchases time and time again. There is a broad selection of different concepts available from the Charleston Shoe Co website, and the brand has gained a lot of press attention in recent times. Whether you’re looking for boots, cocktail heels, closed toe, sandals, or just about anything else, Charleston Shoe Co is always worth a look.

Charleston Shoes

The company runs numerous stores in places like Orlando and Palm Beach. However, if you can’t get there, it’s possible to purchase most of the popular products via their website. Be sure to check it out!

CC Corso Como

Known for their high-quality, comfortable heels, CC Corso Como released a range of shoes called “Heavenly Heels” a while ago, and the products have become a top choice for women around the world. The innovative design concepts ensure the utmost comfort, and many of the products are made using real leather to guarantee they remain in excellent condition and don’t deteriorate after only a few months. The brand also stocks short-heeled boots that are perfect for those cold winter days when your toes can begin to feel the cold.

Woman holding phone at work

Many of the most popular products sell out quickly as CC Corso Como only engages in short production runs. So, bookmark the website and ensure you check it regularly to see the most recent stock.


The company is just under fifty years old, and it has become a staple in the footwear market during that time. Innovators at Rockport teamed up with design teams from Adidas to develop new ADIPRENE technology that they claim helps to absorb shock in the heels of their shoes. That helps to explain why so many women now choose Rockport when it comes to buying footwear that keeps their feet feeling fresh and healthy. While the heels are not going to remain comfortable for eighteen hours like those from Shoes by Shaherazad; Rockport stocks a range called Seven to 7 that is supposed to help wearers avoid pain for at least twelve hours.

Once again, if you want to see the full range or learn more, head over to the website!

So in Summary

Now you know about some fantastic heels and where to find them; you should never have to worry about blisters and ankle pain again. As with anything in this world, some women will prefer heels from different brands based on their individual requirements and foot dimensions. So, sometimes you just have to shop around and try various designers until you find something that works for you.

Regardless of what you look for in heels, the brands mentioned in this post are guaranteed to stock something suitable. With that in mind, head over to their websites and take a look for yourself! Most of these companies will ship your purchases within only a couple of days, and so you could have the perfect heels for your collection by this time next week.

Shoes by Shaherazad block heel in black with embellished strap

Our favourite though, has to be Shoes by Shaherazad, for the ultimate in both comfort and style.  Check out what people are saying about them in these reviews right here.  But then I would also say this, as after trying the heels myself and falling in love with the flamingo technology, I applied to join the company and now work for Shoes by Shaherazad. 

That's true love for shoe love!

Flamingo Hugs,

Livvie X

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