Biology Lesson: Comfortable and Stylish Designer Heels

  • By Olivia Sentosa

Biology Lesson: Comfortable and Stylish Designer Heels

High heels have been around for hundreds of years in various shapes and sizes. For thousands of women, they represent a symbol of fashion elegance and empowerment. From the likes of Audrey Hepburn to Naomi Campbell, high heels and mid heels have been worn by many powerful women, therefore, setting an influential style and become must have items in women's wardrobes.  Comfortable party heels in particular have always been a coveted item.

Many women wear high heels on an everyday basis whether it’s to work, outings, parties or errands.  Some women may choose to wear them only occasionally whilst others will wear mid or high heels all of the time. Many women want to be trendy, look the part in heels and have the "office look" when working.

It is said by some scientists that women wearing high heels too frequently can affect the health of the feet in the long run because of the pain they start to cause. Feet can sometimes become sore when a new style of high heel is worn for the first time. Developing lower backache, leg ache, and regular occurrence of blisters can cause the back of your heels to give up. Some women have suffered from lower back pain, sciatica and even pinched nerves. It's easy to give up on mid or high heels after such experiences.  However, whether it's comfortable party heels or comfortable office heels which you are after, this post will help you to understand how you can find a great solution.

Comfortable​ ​High​ ​Heels​ ​for​ ​Women

But you can forget all that now as here is a high heel you won't be able to resist.  Shoes by Shaherazad offer a unique designer high heel that is comfortable for up to 18 hours. Shoes by Shaherazad are specially designed for women wearing mid or high heels on a regular basis and for long days from the boardroom to the bar.

High heels can affect your body in many ways as your feet are the base of your body's posture and movement. The higher the heel, the more damage you are potentially causing to your entire body because when you wear heels your posture changes to maintain balance.

Looking at the effects of wearing high heels are eye-opening, let us start with the lower back. The lower back is usually an s-curve shape; when we wear high heels, it is forced forward, causing the spine and hips to be out of their natural alignment and causing muscle overuse and pain. With high heels, you put excess pressure on the knees and because high heels mimic how a person walks on an incline which in turn, increases the pressure on the balls of the foot.

Comfortable Mid Heels and High Heels

Unless you have the right pair of mid or high heels for your body, you will continue to cause long-term damage. You need to start with looking at the shape of the front of the shoes and the height of the heel. The higher the heel, the more long-term damage. Wearing high heels affects the hips and your hamstrings. This causes the sciatic nerve to stretch and irritate , in consequence causing shooting pains, tingling, spasms and cramping that runs from the buttocks right down to the legs.

The​ ​Legs

We have this perception that high heels make our legs look toned as our muscles are stretched. When walking in heels, the muscles are very much at work, in particular down the front of the leg. However, the tissue at the back of our leg, the calf muscle, tends to shorten when heels are worn too regularly.

One of the downsides of wearing high heels is when you wear flat shoes it can be discomforting. You may have leg pain and discomfort, and this is caused by the shortening of the muscle belly of the calf. Studies have been carried out that focus on swelling in the legs, feet and ankles, and as a result, they have found that increased swelling occurs when standing in high heels as opposed to standing in low heels.

The reason for this is that wearing high heels leaves the calf muscle pump less efficient, which should pump the fluid and blood back in the direction of the heart. When wearing poorly designed high heels, this becomes less effective thus generating pressure in the veins.

With regards to your legs, it's inevitable that the muscles in the front are going to stretch, constrict and shorten the muscles in the back. Consequently, it will cause the legs and ankles to swell. This gives another meaning to the mantra of ‘beauty is pain’.

Wearing mid or high heels can be great, however, in the long term, you can take steps (pun intended) to avoid any adverse impact.

The Feet

When you wear high heels regularly then the fat pad on the bottom of the foot (this is your foot’s natural cushioning) starts to become a lot thinner over time and worn down.  When your foot has less natural cushioning, then pain can occur at the bottom of your foot. With regards to the natural cushioning of your foot wearing down, wearing heels is one of the factors that can add to the process over time. 

However, age also adds to this process.

Daily Mail 18 Hour Heels Review


Believe it or not but high heels can contribute to Sciatica. I’ll give a brief explanation as to what Sciatica is. The Sciatic nerve runs from the hips to the feet. So, when the Sciatic nerve is disturbed, it is known as Sciatica.

High heels are some women’s favourite accessory to tie an outfit together. On the other hand, heels can upset the natural curvature of your spine by budging your weight forward. Accordingly, this can place additional stress on your lower back, which in turn may provoke symptoms of Sciatica.

The​ ​Impact​ ​of​ ​Height

The height and shape of the heel determines the weight carried by the footwear. The higher the heel, the higher the impact of the pressure on the foot and the ball of the foot. 3 inches and below is an ideal heel to wear as there is a less chance of causing damage to the back, hips, legs or foot.

The​ ​Solution

What women want are comfortable high heels, shoes that will give not only comfort but style and up to 18 hours on your feet without problems. Shoes by Shaherazad has a range of designer 18 hour heels that will make wearing heels a pleasure during the busy office days, running errands and when you're out partying.

British Shoes

Wearing the correct height heel and shoe design is essential to ensure your back, legs and feet are at ease especially if you wear high heels daily.

Here is why you can wear the heels for 18-Hours. The high heels are inspired by flamingos and how they balance on one foot for hours with poise, grace and elegance.

Shoes by Shaherazad looked into the maths behind how this was possible. Using the research, they worked out the dimensions of how the high heel would be designed. They designed the shoe so it can balance body weight effectively so that there is no undue pressure on the foot.

The weight is distributed effectively hence making the high heels comfortable.  Shoes by Shaherazad have created designer heels that are round toed with heels that  are around 3” inches high. So no more thinking you have to wear a kitten heel to feel at ease. These high heels are a collection of comfy heels in various colours in a patent finish.

The front of the shoe is round instead of the usual pointed look, so your toes are not strained. To summarise, on the inside of these comfortable high heels they have a soft leather that prevents rubbing and blisters.

These high heels not only provide comfort they also come with a unique feature: detachable handcrafted shoellery straps. The shoellery can create up to twenty-two different looks for your pair of comfortable designer high heels, simple for the day and party ready for all occasions.

Shoes by Shaherazad want to help women by cutting down on how much they spend on high heels that are either never worn or worn very little. These comfortable high heels are designed for women to enjoy and feel empowered for all occasions. Indeed, making the high heels sustainable in the long term.

Wearing comfortable designer heels without compromising yourself in the long term can be done. Check out our Shoes by Shaherazad collection above for our full selection of mid-size heels and why not treat yourself to our sparkly shoellery straps to add an extra sparkle & shine whilst you're here!

Black Shoes

So, whether it's comfortable party heels, comfortable office heels or comfortable wedding heels, you know where to look.

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