British Shoe Designer Makes Strides with Gender Equality Book

  • By Olivia Sentosa

British Shoe Designer Makes Strides with Gender Equality Book

A British woman is making strides in the gender equality struggle through new research she has completed for her book on women’s empowerment,  launching in time for International Women’s Day this year.  Shaherazad Umbreen won a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship to fund travels across the UK, Germany, Iceland and Kuwait to explore what women can do to finally end inequality.  Her book called, Each Other, asserts that men have been the privileged sex for far too long and that it is time for women to do more to empower each other.

“There is not a single country in the world where women have full equality with men.  It’s time that women take control and make gender equality our reality,” said Shaherazad.  “In the book I explore a world where belonging on any part of the gender spectrum does not limit or enhance your life chances.”

Each Other: Why Women Must Empower Women is designed to be read by women everywhere in accessible, easily digestible chapters with a clear toolkit of empowering actions included.

The book, which is being released on the 1st March 2019 on Amazon and, features insights from feminists such as Helen Pankhurst and Deborah Rodriguez, as well as explorations of inequality quandaries such as the gender pay gap, why girls suffer from hunger more than boys, and even Iceland’s very strange penis museum. 

Shaherazad, who won the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship in 2018, said she originally came up with the idea for the research when she set up her empowering shoe business, Shoes by Shaherazad, 3 years ago.  “My shoes are designed to carry women in comfort from the boardroom to the bar and my book is designed to give women clear calls to action to end the gender inequality conundrum.”

“Iceland is the number one country in the world for gender equality but even there women are paid 14% less than men,” says Shaherazad. “My book and the toolkit within it calls for women to take action to end male privilege.  For example, increasing paternity leave sounds counterintuitive to the struggle but will actually help to enable gender equality.  The book reveals what would happen to population growth if men could give birth; it challenges what men’s appetite for sex would be if there was a chance that they would have to bear the pain of pregnancy and childbirth.”

The content is designed to appeal to women who believe in equality but don’t know where to start in supporting change.  It explores how to deal with sexist language in meetings (such as when people say, “tits up” or “man up”); how to deal with sexual misdemeanours; how to enable women to gain senior leadership positions and how to support the feminist agenda by ensuring that male partners play their fair share in the domestic sphere.  It is her straight talking pragmatism and clear toolkit actions that are seeing Shaherazad get the thumbs up from readers.  One pre-launch reader said:

“I experienced many emotions whilst reading this book.  It is incredibly thought provoking as I found myself recalling the advice when I was going about my every day life - I had never seen women’s subjugation in this way before.  I’m done with being seen and treated as the poorer sex.”

Whatever your thoughts are on feminism, this entertaining and factual narrative is guaranteed to make you think again.

More information on Shaherazad and her book Each Other: Why Women Must Empower Women is available here.

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