Shopping With A Conscience

Shopping With A Conscience

If you follow my blog – Samantha Carraro – you know that I love supporting small brands and entrepreneurs, especially those that are involved in charitable activities.

I really like when brands give back to the community and are interested in greater causes; it encourages me to buy their products, get to know more about them and get involved however I can.

I’ve always dreamt of helping others, volunteering, just making people smile – no this is not a pageant answer but a wish of a simple Italian girl who’s concerned with other people’s wellbeing, the environment and everything in between.

I think that worrying about these things is fundamental.

I don’t want my children to live in a polluted world, full of smog, with no trees, wild animals and water; making a change is difficult, each of us is only one person after all, but together we can make a significant difference to make this world a better place to live in.

I decided to take baby steps in this big process and started by supporting this kind of brands and the associations they’re linked to.

Divinity LA is an American brand who sells beautiful bracelets, which all have special meanings: for every purchased bracelet they give $1 to the correspondent charity organization – Pandas International, Gawad Kalinga, Beautify Earth and some more; find all about it on their Charities page.

Its policy is:

We are a company set on the foundation of charitable action, and we are here not only to serve our customers, but to little by little improve the world around us.

This is not only the motto of Divinity LA, but the philosophy of a lot of other brands.

Lemlem supports Ethiopian art through selling women accessories.

Satya Jewelry crafts handmade jewels with the aim of empowering women and helping children across the world.

Lush repudiates the experimentation with animals, supports the LGBT community, reduces the use of water in the production of their cosmetics and uses natural and renewable energy sources for its factories.

During the UK Coffee Week of this year there has been a fundraiser to help bring clean water to the Oromia region of Ethiopia.

But it was when I e-met Shaherazed that I was truly stunned, I was spellbound by her work.

I wish I knew her earlier because she is an amazing woman who is involved in a lot of great charity works.

In the 18 Hour Heels website – yes, the one you’re on right now, just go on “Our World” – it is written:

Shoes by Shaherazad was created for a purpose. To provide women and girls living in poverty with opportunities for educational and financial independence.

With a statement like this, who wouldn’t want to collaborate with this brand?

In a world where inequity between women and men is on everyone’s lips, a woman entrepreneur who cares and fights for other women’s rights is pretty much like finding a goldmine.

As the bracelets by Divinity LA or Lokai, every pair of heels purchased directly does good deeds through the Solidarity by Shaherazad program.

Shaherazad has already helped 200 women across Kenya, Peru, Pakistan and Palestine with her many organizations:

  • Female Entrepreneur Project in Kenya
  • Skills Education in Peru
  • Female Entrepreneur Project in Palestine
  • Empowerment Centre Project in Kenya
  • Primary Education Project in Pakistan

Shaherazad is in partnership with Global Giving for all these projects and together they have provided many women and girls with meaningful and sustainable futures.

The jewels, the scarves, the face masks.. They’re all just some products you may or may not like and buy; but what’s important is to look behind the brand and discover what other aims it has beyond the obvious materialistic one.

It’s important to shop with consciousness and buy products that other than being beautiful and trendy, also have important meanings and purposes.

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