Be A Queen Amongst Unicorns: Ascot Hat and Ascot Heels


Be A Queen Amongst Unicorns: Ascot Hat and Ascot Heels

Ladies Day at Ascot is a world renowned British event which brings heaps of drama and elegance to the racecourse.  It's an annual opportunity to compete in the style stakes alongside riveting racing action.  This year, the event falls on Thursday June 22nd.  

The race meetings date back to 1711 when they were founded by Queen Anne; as such, the event still carries all of the excitement, pageantry and style that you would expect from such a historic venue.  

Over 300,000 people will make the annual visit to Berkshire during Royal Ascot week this year, and if you're one of those lucky ladies, how can you make sure that you stand out from the crowd and be a Queen amongst unicorns?  Everyone will seek to look amazing so ensuring that you're set to dazzle will result in a majestic day.

Here are our top tips from Shoes by Shaherazad:

(1) Make it all about the millinery - once you've decided on your head piece be sure to complement it with a soft dress, heels and bag.  You want to be noticed for looking stylish, not brash, so making it all about the millinery for this event will help.  Resist the temptation to go all out on everything.  For your millinery, you could even ...

(2) Stand with poise, grace and elegance - a Queen never hobbles so make sure you're in heels which will enable you to stand with elegance all day. You'll have so much more fun without sore feet so grab your stylish #18hourheels and rock that race meeting.

(3) Be primed for portraits - a shiny nose will never do and you'll be disappointed if you don't get any selfies which make you glow like a Queen who has bathed in honey. Primer is a must to ensure that your foundation keeps you gently glowing.  Then all you need is a nice big smile!

(4) Admire; never envy - it's normal to be interested in what everyone else is wearing; but be sure to look on with joy and not envy.  When you see a fellow lady in a hat you admire then tell her - it will make her day and give you a warm glow of happiness too. This is a day of female solidarity so compliment as many ladies as you can.

(5) Arrive in style, enjoy the day in style, leave in style - whether you back a winning horse or not the day is about enjoying yourself in good company.  If your heart says that you must pick your horse on instinct then do that.  Trust yourself and let your hear be your guide.

Wishing you the greatest time at the greatest race meeting which the world has to offer.

Royal Hugs,



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