Party The Night Away in All Day Comfy Heels

  • By Olivia Sentosa

comfy heels

It’s that time of the year again where your calendars are full of work parties, friend invites, and family gatherings. Thinking about those painful feet at the end of the night ladies? the waddling around like a penguin? Or gentlemen thinking of all the times you have heard the words ‘Ouch my feet’. No need to worry Shaherazad has adorned her shoe collection with comfy heels. Yes, that’s right, comfy heels! No need to worry about painful feet this party season anymore.

The 18-hour heels are inspired by the flamingo, how elegantly they carry themselves and how often they stand on one leg with grace. Shaherazad wanted to capture their secret in her shoe collection and create a range of unique comfy heels for empowered women. So, they could get through their busy days with ease and elegance.

comfy heels

Shoes by Shaherazad are a collection of comfy heels between 3 to 3.5 inches in three different colours such as high patent black, blush pink and mulberry red. The front of the shoe is round instead of the usual pointed look, so your toes are not strained. The heels come with a unique feature. That are detachable handcrafted shoellery straps that can create up to twenty-two different looks for your shoe. This makes them sustainable, versatile and gives you extra support so the shoes stay on you. To finalize, the shoes on the inside has a soft leather that prevents rubbing and blisters. Sound like the ideal shoe for you this season? Shop with Shoes by Shaherazad and Don't Wait Up!

Not sure what style to go for? why not try the simple Follow Your Butterflies shoe in patent black available in a block and a stiletto heel that comes with a leather strap. You can wear this look for your school runs, work and for a quick shopping trip before tea time. Thinking of how to transform a simple shoe for the party you're going to? You can also style your shoe with a selection of shoellery from Time To Bloom, The Moon Is Mine and Take My Lead.

If the shoellery isn't enough then you can add to your look, a luxury clutch. That is carefully crafted with individual high shine crystals. Perfect for carrying your essentials for a wedding, party or a night out. The See You Later clutch, is available in bronze, gold, and silver to match any style shoellery to coordinate with your Shoes by Shaherazad and not forgetting your outfit of course! This clutch will see you through until the end of the night with elegance and confidence along with your shoes.

The comfy heels will be the perfect companion for this festive season. They will take you through to those New Year's Eve parties too. You can dance the night away without having to worry about your feet hurting at the end of the night or those painful blisters. Take the stress out of shoe shopping for those endless Christmas and New Year’s parties with the 18-hour comfy heels by Shaherazad.

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