5 Things You Need to Know About Bees

  • By Olivia Sentosa

5 Things You Need to Know About Bees

Do you know anyone who loves wasps? No, neither do we. You know why? Because wasps are less popular than the mighty bee.  Albeit they're an essential part of our ecosystem, wasps can sting you time after time without dying, they have those mirthless little faces ands they’ll chase after you when you run away.

Bees, on the other hand? Bees are great! They’re soft and almost cute… like tiny flying teddy bears. And as we all know, they contribute a hugely important role to our global ecology as they make their merry way from place to place pollinating the plants that keep us alive.

In solidarity to our fuzzy little black and yellow friends we thought we’d share these 5 things that all of us need to know about bees…

Bees are the ultimate feminists

You won’t find female bees dashing around the hive tidying while hubby brings home the proverbial bacon. In fact, honey bees are some of the most progressive creatures in the insect kingdom. Worker honey bees are exclusively female. They live for around 6 weeks and are responsible for all of the collection of nectar.  

Male bees (or drones) on the other hand are not equipped with stingers and do none of the work. All they do is mate.

.... The jokes write themselves really, don’t they?

Enjoy your honey… Because bees work incredibly hard for it!

Honey is a nourishing and natural alternative to sugar and it tastes great. But we hope Winnie The Pooh does his homework before enjoying his “HUNNY”. The average bee will only create a 12th of a teaspoon of honey in its entire lifetime. Honey bees need to fly around 90,000 miles (that’s around the entire world 3 times) and gather the nectar from two million flowers to make just one single pound of honey.

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Bees communicate by dancing

Many of us know that communication is not just about what we say, it’s also about the way that we say it. 80% of communication is nonverbal and expressed through nuances of body language, stance, movement, gesture and facial expression.

Perhaps bees are more efficient communicators than us, because they signal in the purest way possible… through dance. The bee’s “waggle dance” is the means through which they show their friends where nectar-filled flowers can be found in relation to the hive and the sun.

So… the next time a stranger asks you for directions, take a page from the humble bee’s book and perhaps show them through the medium of bottom-shaking!

Bees are incredibly smart!

A bee’s brain is ovoid in shape and roughly the size of a sesame seed. But don’t hold that against them. They’re incredibly clever little creatures, able to learn and remember with uncommon accuracy. They can also perform complex calculations about the distances from the hive that they’ve travelled and where to forage efficiently.

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Bees keep us alive

Bees play a vital part in our ecosystem. They play a pivotal role in the life cycle of plants, helping them to breed, grow and produce the foods we rely on. Most of the plants that humans eat from almonds to butternut squashes rely on pollination.

Without bees, we stand a very real chance of losing some of our most important food sources!

So, the next time you see a bee buzzing past, remember to tip your metaphorical bonnet to her. This fuzzy little feminist is doing her bit to keep the planet ticking over.

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