How to Be Happy in Heels All Day Long | Shoes by Shaherazad

How to Be Happy in Heels All Day Long | Shoes by Shaherazad

Written By:  Alison Glaves, Managing Director, MEDIAmaker Limited

When you are constantly busy and don't get much 'me time' you can miss out on things that could make a pleasant change to your day.  During one particularly busy time, I was introduced to Shoes by Shaherazad and it wasn't just a pleasant change to my day, but to my many busy days.  The story behind these 'little miracles' is inspiring and makes you part of something quite unique and very special. I could say 'it's all about the shoes' and for me it has been, but knowing that the shoes are also supporting lots of women in different ways around the world is a great feeling.

So what's so special about these shoes? Well I like shoes, a lot, but I'm also aware of what is good for me to wear in certain situations (as we all do) and this is where I had to change my well established, well-rehearsed dress code and choice routine. For years, I have known that if I plan to wear heels all day, I need a back-up plan for when my feet scream 'that's enough-no more'!  Especially when buzzing around London, on and off trains, up and down stairs, or on my feet all day managing events. 

Not anymore... The 18 Hour Heels have saved the day and keep on doing so. They have been put through their paces with me and still look fresh out of the box. They look and feel great and I love them. I have also discovered that I don't have any issues at all with my lower back problems when I'm wearing them so I can be flamingo happy all day. They have been a real joy to wear and I have told as many people as I can.

If you haven't discovered them yet, you are missing a treat. For all those women out there who need to look good on your pins all day long, you will love these 'little miracles'. You can wear them anywhere, anytime. You can dress them up with their beautiful accessories and feel fabulous day or night. As you can tell, I'm smitten and I'd like to congratulate Shaherazad on a brilliant idea that we've all been waiting for - shame I didn't think of it myself but just too busy I guess! I can't wait to see what else might be in store from

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