How We Celebrate Our Differences by Using "Real Women" Models

How We Celebrate Our Differences by Using

At Shoes by Shaherazad we're proud to embrace and celebrate our differences.  So much so, that we're one of the very few fashion retailers who use "real women" models. We never photo edit any of our models' physical appearances.  We love the way we all look, just the way we are.  Join us, and take a stand for real women.

Make Up Being Applied at a Photoshoot

Why is it so important to use "real women" models to  Well, there's lots of good reasons, but here are a few of our favourites:

(1) Women shouldn't be made to feel insecure about their bodies so it's important to show that a range of body shapes and sizes are beautiful.

(2) The heels which we sell at are designed for empowered women so it makes sense to use these very women to model our shoes.

(3) We're an ethical brand who believe in giving women new opportunities which they may not have found or considered themselves; all of the women on our last photo shoot, bar one, had no modelling experience whatsoever and really enjoyed the new work, the photos they got to take away and the whole experience itself.

(4) Diversity in photography and brand representation is important but to make sure that our brand representation is natural we never pre-determine what "diversity" should look like for any given shoot.  Therefore, if it means that one particular shoot ends up with super tall models and another shoot has a mixture of heights then that's totally OK with us. True diversity is about accepting who we are.

(5) Shoots with real women models are so much more fun.  Anything can happen from a model saying, "Hey, I don't like my feet being photographed" to "Please get that flamingo away from me I can't be photographed with animals of any kind."

Check out the results of our real women shoots at and see for yourself how beautiful they all look.

Much Love,

Lizzie X

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