From The Boardroom, To the Bar, And then to Lands Afar ...

From The Boardroom, To the Bar, And then to Lands Afar ...

This share-able postcard is for the women amongst us who want to go to:

* The Board Room,

* The Bar

* Lands Afar!

At our shoes have been designed for women who work hard and who are also empowered and want to help others across the world.  Travelling is so important to understanding human cultures, ways of life and different environments.

So, why is it so important to take time out of every year, even when we get so little holiday time, to travel and experience other ways of living life?

(1) It will help us to understand each other better.  It's so easy to be judgemental and think we know best; travel opens our eyes and helps us to see a story through another person's eyes.  

(2) What better way to get insight in to another culture than by meeting new people, trying new food and staying in new places.  New sights and sounds are always good for the soul, no matter what you see you will learn something new about yourself and the world in which we live.

(3) Travel helps us to re-assess our barometer of "normal".  I recently read an article which claimed that if you earn £100k or more in a year then you are fortunate enough to be in the top 1% of earners in the entire world.  Now, don't get me wrong, £100k is a huge amount of money, but for that amount to land you in the top 1% means that there's a huge amount of extreme poverty across the globe.  Travel helps us to appreciate what we have ourselves as well as appreciating others more.

(4) It brings a sense of responsibility.  Seeing how big the world is always makes me realise that although I'm a small part of it, I have a role to play in how it all fits together.

(5) And of course, there's the pure fun which comes with travel.  Lying on a soft beach; feeling the sun wrap it's warmth around you; watching the stars come out at night in a new city and learning a few words of a new language.

Travel can make us laugh and make us cry; but ultimately it always makes us richer in experiences we can never ever regret.

Join us on a worldwide adventure!

Much Love,

Lizzie X

PS. We offer free international delivery so you can travel the world in grace, poise and elegance.

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