3D Printing & The Power of Pewter | Shoellery Making

  • By Lisa Barrett

3D Printing & The Power of Pewter | Shoellery Making

Our Product Development team had an amazing time in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter at The School of Jewellery (Birmingham City University).  We visited in order to get a CAD design of my branded shoellery modelled. The concept was explained to Keith, the technologist, who sketched the item using some beautifully powerful software.  The CAD image was then used to print a 3D life size model.  This printed image is then used by our traditional metal casters (who work right in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter) to cast the shoellery in fine pewter before it is then coated in our shimmering rose gold finish.

The most enjoyable part of the day was working in two completely different, and yet completely bewitching environments.  The first environment: a cutting edge technology lab where the most modern techniques in product development are pioneered.  The second environment: a traditional metal crafter’s workshop where everything is handcrafted, melted down and mixed as if in a wonderful Dickensian workshop.

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