10 Unusual Facts About Your Feet You Must Read

  • By Olivia Sentosa

10 Unusual Facts About Your Feet You Must Read

Some of us love them, some of us hate them. At Shoes by Shaherazad we think about them an awful lot, but for others they’re barely spared a regular thought. One thing’s for sure … without them we’d all fall down!  We’re talking of course about feet.  Even if the thought of feet makes you feel queasy it’s important to realise that your feet are a miracle of evolutionary engineering. Because our business is the creation of gorgeous coverings for feet we have an awful lot of love and respect for the human foot.  

And hopefully you will too when you read these 10 unusual facts about your feet…

You use them way more than you’d think!

Many of us have desk-bound jobs and careers and as such you’d think that we don’t use our feet all that much in the 21st century. However, the average person walks around 8,000-10,000 steps every day. The average person will walk over 100,000 miles in their lifetime!


Walking Dog in Heels


They’re what separates us from our ape ancestors

Millions of years ago we had a much more chimp-like foot with prehensile toes which helped us to climb trees or even cling to our mothers when we were infants. Now, of course, our stubby big toe isn’t all that great for grabbing and climbing.  

They contain roughly a quarter of the bones in our bodies

The human foot has an extraordinary concentration of bones. There are 26 bones in each foot! That’s more even than our hands. However, when we’re first born our feet are composed of mostly cartilage. It’s only when we reach around 21 years of age that the bones in our feet completely harden.

They’re getting bigger

The human foot is evolving and growing. In fact, According to a 2014 study by the College of Podiatry, the average British foot has increased two sizes since the ‘70s. Why? Because we’re getting taller … and because we’re getting heavier. As we pile on the pounds it’s possible that our feet are growing to better accommodate our body mass.

Women have four times as likely to have foot problems as men

This makes it even more important for women to find supportive and comfortable footwear … like these.


18 Hours of Shoe Comfort & Style


Feet are incredibly ticklish

Ever wondered why your feet are so ticklish? That’s because the human foot has 8,000 nerve endings making it extremely prone to ticklishness.

Numb feet can be a big problem if you’re diabetic

Some of the complications of diabetes include poor circulation and foot numbness. These can in turn lead to skin ulcers which can become serious and even require the amputation of toes or even whole feet.

Our toenails thicken as we age

As we get older our toenails thicken and yellow. This is because they grow more slowly as we get older causing nail cells to become more dense. Ill fitting shoes and stubbed toes also make a big contribution.

Feet get really sweaty

We all feel a little gross when our feet get sweaty and damp. Nonetheless, this is completely normal. In fact, the sweat glands in our feet produce approximately half a pint of perspiration every single day.

There was once a foot cheese exhibition

Yes, seriously. Sweaty feet create the same kinds of bacteria that give cheese its distinctive taste and smell, hence the term “cheesy feet”. But not everyone finds this unappealing apparently. A 2013 exhibition in Dublin displayed a variety of cheeses made with bacteria samples obtained from people’s feet (as well as armpits, and belly buttons).  Yuk!


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